7 Reasons to Plan Vacation with your Pet in Chicago


The high maintenance city is not that demanding when it comes to traveling with pets. Chicago is a great city not only for humans but also for animals. It’s not surprising to see people walking their dogs in the park. Not just any ordinary children’s playpen but a dog park! So if you were to visit Chicago for work or for any other reason, it’s best to take your dog with you. Maybe the vacation you’ve been delaying for so long can come now.

You should try Chicago on vacation for many places to visit. Not sure Chicago is your cup of tea or your dog’s cup of tea?

If there was ever a city in the United States designed for dog lovers, it was Chicago for all the right reasons.

White Sox Dog Day

Have you ever had the chance to attend a dog baseball game? This is an unusual, but surely popular outing in Chicago, especially if you are a dog owner. While on vacation you can visit a game right? The excitement and the atmosphere doesn’t make your dog anxious, so it’s good to go. Of course, consider bringing dog eyelashes and garbage bags (an obvious requirement).

Lakeside trail

One of Chicago’s highlights is Lake Michigan. And so comes the Lakefront Trail, with its shoreline stretching for up to 18 miles. Now, with your dog, you can do a lot of recreational activities along the lake.

Dogs love to dig on the beach (it comes naturally) and well, they can happily spend time there. Dogs are allowed near Montrose. But too much sun isn’t too good for your dog either, so it’s best to spend 2 hours at the top.

Chicago Riverwalk

A four mile trail along the Chicago River on the south side of town is yet another perfect sight. How many calories does a dog need on vacation? Next, remember that when you’re out of school like this, give your dog an extra 320 calories to conserve energy for whatever outdoor visits you make on foot (or on paw!)

So once your dog has enough calories to burn after eating the most delicious treats, you need to go shopping.

Marine Pier

It’s more of a family outing space. But if you and your dog are two singles on vacation, no one is stopping you from enjoying the freedom in Chicago. Your dog can walk without a leash (under supervision of course). Walking or running without leaving tags behind the owners (without offense) is refreshing for dogs.

From shopping to restaurants to rides, there is plenty to do here for everyone. You can take your dog on one of the architectural boat tours that depart from the pier.

Harry Caray Tavern

You might have taken care of your dog’s calories, but Harry will take care of yours. One of the most popular restaurants on the pier, you are allowed to bring your dog. You can try the food court for other options to try.

Besides Harry’s, there are other great dog-friendly restaurants in the area, such as Begyle Brewing Company and Parson’s Chicken and Fish.

Doggy Style Pet Shop

If you think there are too many outdoor activities, shopping may be a much needed break just a few hours from the sun.

The shopping experience in every city in the United States is different. With so many activities to do, you’ll find that the shopping spree is a bit different here. When it comes to pets, you must have local experience with the Doggy Style Pet Shop for your furry friend. Then head to Bloomingdale’s or Nordstrom.

Wiggly Field Dog Park

The name is aptly named for a place where your furry friend can stretch out and be off a leash for quite a while.

The best part is that your dog can socialize with other dogs during these vacations. You can chat quickly with other dog owners and Wiggle Field is suitable for everyone, right? Smaller breeds of dogs have a separate enclosure dedicated exclusively to them so as not to be intimidated by larger breeds. It is extremely thoughtful.

Those who wish to take their dog for a walk and take a break can bring their dogs here. Which means you too!

Chicago, eh? Who knew, you could have a great vacation with your dog in a big city with enough space? Everything is fine. Try this place and find out for yourself.

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