Tips to Protect Your Dog From Bears

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Taking dogs with you on hikes is one of the most enjoyable endeavors. But remember that sometimes there may be instances when you might have to endure bear trouble.

Bears can be seen in most states. Be careful and vigilant about the environment. Never let your puppy move anywhere without you.

Here are some of the things you can do to protect your dog from bears.

Without a leash is not an option

Leaving your dog running wild on hikes can put you and your dog in a nasty situation. Even if your dog has mastered off-leash training, it’s never okay to let him run wild.

Your dog may be looking for something interesting and may claim his attention towards it. Maybe he’d be accidentally seen by a bear.

Make sure you keep your dog on a leash so that he doesn’t get out of control.

Listen to your dog

Watch out for your dogs’ signs. It can sometimes alert you that a bear is nearby before you notice it. Your dog can probably be aggressive or scared at times.

Make sure you keep your eyes peeled for the surroundings and your dog too. It can save your life from vicious situations.

Bear Behavior Study

Bears alert each other to human interactions. They also attack humans if they see them interacting.

Bears are literally shy animals. They prefer to be alone. Usually they are energetic at dusk and dawn, so it is best not to walk during these times.

If your dog is too small, he may attack him first. Bears are not very fond of dogs.

Mama Bears and their cubs

Moms are very protective of their young, like most animals. It is very important to keep your dog away from cubs when you see a mother bear with her baby.

Store food in a container, NOT in a bag.

When you go hiking, be sure to use a food container to store your food.

When you are walking or stopping somewhere to rest, bears can easily follow you because their smell is hilarious. Make sure you don’t leave food wrappers on the ground, as they can attract bears.

Remember to clean the area after feeding your puppy and stay away from garbage cans.


Some notes from Yosemite National Park Ranger prove that the smell of a black bear is 7 times greater than that of the already impressive bloodhound.

To be aware!

Be aware of the surroundings at all times and look around you. It is interesting to be with your dog, check the surroundings often and observe your dog because you are his protectors!

Insert a “bear bell” on your dog’s collar

Wear a bear bell on your puppies’ collar. This will scare the bear away and cause it to move away before your dog gets too close.

This is a really very simple and inexpensive way to protect your puppy from bears, and listening carefully to the sound of the bell can help you know where your dog is.

Get to know the region

Study the areas where you plan to take your dogs. Ask experts or research bear sightings and wildlife.

Gather information from people who have been there before and gain compact knowledge.

It will be very useful for you in gathering information about where you intend to take your dog so that you can enjoy it and at the same time you can protect your dog as well.

What can you do?

If the bear notices you

keep your dog close, give the bear some space, and silently start to walk away from that spot.

NOTE: The fact that bears are so sensitive that you may have to stand still until the bear is almost out of sight and then start walking, if the bear notices your movement it may charge you. (According to

And you know what’s going to happen 🙁

If the bear doesn’t notice you

sneak silently without attracting attention.

If there is no escape

it depends on how you act, we recommend that you start making noises and make sure to avoid eye contact with the bear and slowly give the bear some room to escape

Final thoughts

Always make sure not to leave your dog off a leash. It is OK to leave your dog at home with a dog sitter if you think he will not act accordingly if you take him outside.

Look around and be vigilant. Never leave food scraps down or open.

You are the protectors of your dog like the parents. So make sure you take steps to protect it and back it up as well.

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