Is The American Bully Dog Temperament And Personality For You?

American Bully Dog

Perhaps the decade that highlighted the American Bully breed was the 1980s, right when Homeward Bound came to the big screen. There, we are introduced to 3 different animals going on a journey towards their home, and one of those animals is an American Bully named Chance. The breed became a hit after its release (check it out), despite our furry friend’s mischievous and energetic personality. Is it a good thing or a bad thing? We say it depends if you know how compatible you are with an American bully.

Many owners make the mistake of getting this dog and not properly giving it the needs it requires to stay healthy. Temperaments are also another thing to consider, as American bullies are oftentimes jealous and possessive and would prefer to be an only child(pet). If you like what you’re hearing so far, read on to find out if the rest of the American Bully traits match with your own.

1. Very Active

American Bullies are dogs known for their boundless energy and strength, oftentimes channeled to making mischief in varying degrees. Some bullies are so active it takes a marathon to wind them down at the end of the day.

Thus, we know the repercussions of an active canine left to be idle every day. The American Bully dog temperament and personality lean heavily to spending their reserved stamina for guarding, chasing away rodents, and taking long walks every day. This means this positive trait can very easily backfire for some owners through aggressive, violent behaviour, furniture destruction, depression, and chronically, even obesity.

However, if paired with an equally active owner that does exercise, running, farmwork, or consistent bodily movement each day, the American Bully becomes a perfect companion. Not only will they match your vivacity and get excited in flurries of activities, but they also know when to wind down afterwards. They’re calm and self-possessed if given enough attention to their activities.

2. Vigilant

These guard dogs become the first layer of defense of many homes for a reason. Bullies, towards strangers, are usually vigilant and are not easily be swayed with treats or overt friendliness. Thus, it is in your best interest to acquaint yourself and your family early on in their lives. Bully puppies are significantly more friendly towards strangers but will develop a sense of protectiveness once they have a family.

3. Not Cat-Friendly

This breed is one of the least friendly towards other pets, especially cats. As we have mentioned before, they prefer to be the only animal around due to their possessiveness. Another reason is because of their bulky, stocky stature that scares off smaller animals, thus provoking self-defence in the guise of violence. If you wish to have a friendly Bully towards your cat or bird, it’s better to acquaint them early on, just as you would with your family.

4. Included In The Bulldog Stigma

Though somehow related, the American Bulldog and Bulldog are two different breeds. The latter is perceived to be violent and aggressive (link:, which is partly true. Bulldogs are very protective and will not hesitate to throw hands with a robber or a stranger that wasn’t properly introduced by their owner. On the other hand, the American bullies are far more tame and calm, though just as suspicious and vigilant as their counterparts.

Despite that, society has clumped these two breeds together, sharing both stigma and false rumours. It is in your best interest as the owner to keep your house properly fenced and to teach your Bully basic obedience.

5. Independent Thinkers

This breed is known for its respect and obedience towards its masters, but they are also independent thinkers in the best way. They’re intelligent and can learn beyond parlor tricks. You can show your friends practical skills in case of emergencies. However, if you don’t show your dominance as an owner, it’s easy for them to ignore your scolding and warnings. Therefore, a wilful owner is a must for them.

6. Grooming

American Bully Dog

Bullies need minimum attention to bathing, as they have genetically short hair. However, this doesn’t mean it’s okay to neglect their basic grooming needs. Remember that this breed loves to run around and be playful, so you’ll be right to expect your dog to run home full of mud or grass stains. At three years old, a bath more than thrice a week—especially if you leave them to their own devices—is minimum at best.

Another thing you should concern yourself about is their slobbering. Just like Pitbulls, American bullies are prince to slobber, which can get messy.

7. Health Problems

All dogs can have health problems as they age, but certain conditions have a higher chance of happening to your Bully. The minor ones can be dental diseases, such as tartar build-up that causes rotting teeth. They are also prone to bacterial infections. It is advisable to schedule routine vet check-ups and keep up with vaccinations. Because American bullies are known to have health issues, it is a good idea to purchase pet health insurance to help cover the extra vet-related expenses. Some companies like Bivvy offer affordable coverage options starting at $15 per month. This price is lower than most available options provided by any other insurer in the market today.

More serious health issues, such as heart disease and joint pain, can be caused by obesity. Obesity happens when your pet does not get enough daily exercise. This is especially concerning for your American Bully, as they are genetically heavier and stockier than other breeds. Joint issues are painful and can inhibit your dog from walking, thus worsening their weight problems.

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