Python interview questions. Part III. Senior

Python interview

In the generation of computers and artificial intelligence, we are completely surrounded by technology. Technology has made our lifestyles pretty easy in every possible way. May it be your home and your workplace, technology is everywhere. Communication is always important even if we are communicating to a machine. Now machines like computers have their own set of languages which we refer to as a programming language. A programming language often includes set of commands which gives required outcomes. A programming language helps the computer in accessing our commands and providing us with the most favourable outcomes.

Programming language has evolved with technology as well. Most popular programming languages have been given an update with the gaining demand of the generation.  Speaking of demand, the programming language named python is the most useful and commonly used all around the globe.

What is Python?

Python is the most commonly used programming language in today’s generation. This language is dynamic in nature and allows a developer to run and write the code without the help of any extra compiler. It is extremely easy to work with Python yet the outcome provided is a great quality. Python comes with a lot of unique features which makes it so beneficial. Features like automatic memory management and large library, it makes python the most productive programming language. Python is extremely fun to use, and they can be Incorporated in pre-existing applications. Python is extremely crucial when it comes to working in management as it helps the user to manage the work efficiently.

Benefits of being a user of Python

     1. Extensive Library

Being a programming language that accepts a large variety of commands is very essential. Python comes with an extensive library which accepts quotes for various purposes starting from regular expressions two image manipulation and a lot more.

     2. Higher Productivity

Python is a language that has been made and customised to fit the demand and necessities of the generation. Due to the extensive size of the library and simple way of procedure, the programmers provide better quality programs compared to other programming languages.

     3. Easy to operate

Python has been made extremely simple for usage. The program won’t have to adjust languages because python is easy to learn an understand.

     4. Objective focused

Python was made with real objective to serve quality outcome. It is highly objective oriented as the functions allow code reusability which makes obtaining the objective very easily and efficiently.

     5.Free to use!

One of the core reasons why python is appreciated so vastly ass over the world is because it can be downloaded and used for free. It also allows you to download the basic codes and also gives you the permission to modify them according to your convenience.

     6. Highly Portable

Every programming language would require certain changes to itself when you’ve to run it on a different platform except for python. Python follows the theory called         ‘Write once Run Anywhere’ where you’ve to code it just once and then it is accessible on any platform unless it includes any system dependent features.

Why do companies require candidates working with python?

Every company around the world is looking for candidates who know how to work with python programming language. A programmer with great knowledge of python can code efficiently because of the unique features of python by Sprintzeal

     1. Minimal Coding

Python provides the outcome with less coding compared to other programming languages. Python comes with a standard library support which reduces the requirement of any third-party library to do the work.

     2. Cost Efficient

Python is completely free to download and it comes with free source of code which can be downloaded for easy usage. Python totally eliminate the requirement of any third-party library.

     3. Efficient outcomes

Python is highly objective oriented, and provides accurate and easy coding experience for the programmer. It is extremely easy to use yet it produces efficient outcomes.

Python can be used by anyone as it can be used on any machine. Without the requirement to learn several functions, Python allows you to perform almost every necessary function starting from machine learning two building games efficiently and effortlessly. Due to this reason, companies look for programmers with knowledge about Python programming language

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