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Are you looking for the best physics teacher to teach you the concepts of physics? In this article, we will introduce you to the top 3 best physics teachers that’ll teach you through Youtube.

Teaching through online platforms was taken more seriously during and after the covid-19 pandemic. Teachers could easily reach out to their students for sharing knowledge.

There are so many teachers teaching on Youtube but who is identifying the genuine and best one can be difficult. But don’t you worry we will guide you through this problem.

List Of Top 3 Best Physics Teachers On Youtube

On YouTube, there are a lot of instructors and channels teaching different ideas. However, these are the top three teachers on YouTube.

Based on their popularity, quantity of views, and subscriber base, we have selected the top three. The following teachers are the most popular and in-demand on YouTube when searching for physics lessons.

1. Physics Wallah

Physics Wallah Private Limited, better known as “Physics Wallah”, was founded by Alakh Pandey, a science teacher from Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, in 2016. In partnership with co-founder Prateek Maheshwari, Pandey created an app for students planning to take the NEET and JEE in 2020.

The company raised $100 million in its first funding round in June 2022, becoming India’s 101st unicorn.

On December 15, 2022, Physics Wallah, a 6-episode online series about Alakh Pandey and his business, was made available on Amazon Mini TV. Shreedhar Dubey played the series’ main character, Alakh Pandey.

2. Aman Dhattarwal

Aman Dhattarwal is an Indian teacher, YouTuber, influencer, career counselor, and businessperson well-known for offering high school students individualized educational content, various career and college possibilities, and study materials for IIT JEE candidates.

Aman launched his own YouTube channel in 2015 where he publishes videos of study guides for the competitive exams and board exams for the twelfth grade.

There are more than 4M subscribers to the channel. Aside from Hustlers Bay, he also founded Apni Kaksha, Apna College, and Apni Kaksha JEE (AARAMBH).

Aman was hired as a coordinator at Jaipur Foot USA, the world’s largest NGO that helps disabled individuals who cannot afford mechanical limbs.

3. Ashish Arora

Ashish Arora has mentored over 10,000 IITians in his teaching life, a rare talent for nurturing talent. In addition, he has prepared thousands of students for the JEE and NEET exams, including several National Toppers, and hundreds of students for international medals in the Physics Olympiad.

He created the online learning platform PHYSICSGALAXY.COM in 2008 with a great deal of passion and love for the topic, and in 2011 he launched the Physics Galaxy Youtube Channel.

Physics Galaxy is one of the largest online video books on Physics for high school students who are preparing for multiple exams across the globe, including JEE & NEET in India, with more than 9000 short video lectures.

You may easily study at home for competitive examinations with the best video lectures available on his YouTube channel Physics Galaxy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1: Is Physics Wallah A Helpful Resource For NEET?

A 1: We heartily recommend Physics Wallah if you’re seeking a fantastic coaching option to help in your NEET preparation.

Q 2: Who Is The Father Of Physics?

A 2: The “Father of Modern Physics” label has been applied to Newton, Galileo, and Einstein. This honor was bestowed upon Einstein for developing the revolutionary theory of relativity, Galileo for his involvement in the scientific revolution and his contributions to observational astronomy, and Newton for his well-known law of motion and gravitation.

Q 3: What Does A Physics Teacher Do?

A 3: Students should learn about the rules of matter and energy from their physics teachers. To evaluate students on what they have learned, physics professors must construct lesson plans, give homework, and grade tests.

Q 4: What Difficulties Do Teachers Have When Teaching Physics?

A 4: issues that make teaching physics challenging are the classes’ size (often 34 students), the old-fashioned state of school labs, and their lack of adequate computer and experimental equipment.


Studying physics through YouTube can be an effective way to enhance your understanding of the subject. In this article, we highlighted the top three best physics teachers on YouTube.

While these teachers have garnered popularity and positive reviews, it’s essential to evaluate multiple resources and choose the ones that align with your learning style and requirements.

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