Can Bettas Eat Goldfish Food? What Happens If They Do

Bettas Eat Goldfish Food

Bettas are often kept in small tanks with no other fish to eat the excess food. Goldfish food contains high amounts of protein and could be harmful to your betta if they could eat some. You can feed your betta goldfish flakes or pellets, but do not let them have any leftover foods that contain more protein than these two types of food. We will discuss whether or not bettas can eat goldfish food and what to feed them instead.

Can Betta Fish Eat Goldfish Food?

Yes, they can. Goldfish are omnivorous, and Betta fish are carnivores, so there’s no problem feeding them together on the same food. Of course, some goldfish owners will feed their betta only once every other day because it may not be able to handle eating more than that at once, but this isn’t something you need to worry about too much.

What Do Bettas Eat In The Wild?

Bettas are carnivores and eat insects, larvae, worms and even smaller fish in the wild. In captivity, they get a diet of betta pellets which have all their nutritional needs covered, but it’s also good to feed them live food occasionally, such as bloodworms or brine shrimp.

What Food Is Good for Bettas? 

The best betta fish for sale foods are ones that contain around 40% protein and 20% fat. They should also be low in ash, which is the remainder of their food after removing all nutrients (usually about 15%). You can feed your betta fish live or frozen bloodworms, brine shrimp, daphnia or any other type of worm as long as it’s not high-fat like a beef heart. Betta pellets will provide them with some variety, but they aren’t nutritionally complete, so you need to give them some additional supplements too.

What Will Happen If You Feed Your Betta Goldfish Food?

If you feed your betta fish too much protein, it could result in ammonia toxicity which is deadly to them. On the other hand, goldfish food has a lot of protein and fat with little fibre, making for an unsuitable diet that can lead to serious problems if fed over the long term. Betta fish may be able to eat goldfish food without any issues, but most people would rather not risk it because their nutritional needs are very different.

GoldFish Food – Bettas Can Eat Some But Not All Types

Yes, they can! You don’t need to worry about feeding them together as long as the goldfish pellets have around 40% protein and 20% fat (without high ash content). Make sure these ratios are high enough, and if they aren’t, supplement them with live foods.

Some bettas can handle eating goldfish food all the time, but others cannot, so it’s always a good idea to be cautious about what you feed your fish regardless of whether or not it has worked in the past. You should never try giving them any additional protein from other sources such as beef heart because this will cause serious problems over time, even though they may seem fine after just one meal.


As you can see, it is important to know what your betta will and won’t eat. It’s also crucial to monitor the water quality in their tank. Your pet fish may be starving for food or hungry because of poor living conditions, so make sure they are taken care of properly. With some research on the topic, proper feeding habits, and a healthy environment for them to live in–you’ll have an amazing new addition to your family that will thrive under good care.

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