The many and varied characters of WoW: Who are they, and how did they come about?

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Average non-players of WoW might not understand what gives the game such broad appeal among gamers. Why does this game in particular attract so much attention and have such devoted followers?

The answers are many. But for the moment, let’s take a look at one fundamental aspect of the game: the characters. One of the things that makes WoW so intriguing is the long complex storylines behind every character, place, and mission in the game. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular characters and find out a bit more about them.

Player and non-player characters

First of all, there are two classes of characters in WoW: player characters and non-player characters. Player characters are characters that can be controlled by people playing the game. Whether it be winding their way through new universes, or looking for WoW gold, there are always new things in store for players.

Non-player characters are part of the game itself. One of the challenges that players face is determining how tough NPCs are and what they have to do to defeat them. One of the interesting features of WoW is that players can either play other players, NPCs, or a combination of both. There is seemingly a never-ending variety of options.

Classes of characters

Wow has a total of 12 classes of characters:

Warriors – Warriors in WoW are warriors in the traditional sense, and they also combine leadership and knowledge in their characters.

Death knights – Death knights are a class of warriors that utilize black magic and unusual weaponry. They are able to harness the powers of blood, frost, and the undead.

Druids – Druids are able to harness nature to bring about enchanted effects and utilize them against their enemies.

Hunters – Hunters are a “pet class,” capable of staving off their enemies while allowing pets to take hits from them.

Demon hunters – This is a special class of hunters specifically looking for demons. They possess special powers enabling them to hunt demons down.

Priests – Priests consider it their duty to protect their constituencies. They follow their people into dangerous lands and will stop at nothing to support their allies.

Mages – Mages are spell-casters that are capable of inflicting great damage on their enemies by means of “burst spells.”

Monks – Monks play a combined role of healing and participating in combat operations, but they only use their weapons at the end of a battle.

Warlocks – Warlocks are spell-casters that are capable of inflicting enormous damage upon their enemies.

Paladins – Paladins are a multifaceted group that are capable of harming or healing, depending on their purposes.

Shamans – Like Paladins, shamans are a hybrid class, capable of good or evil.

Rogues – Rogues have a unique ability to sneak around the battlefield and hide from their enemies until the moment is ripe to kill them.

Most popular characters

Beyond the classes of characters, there are a number of specific ones that make the ranks among players for popularity. Here are a few of them:


The fierce, demonic-looking Sargeras was originally a protector of the pantheon of the Titans. The titans were the creation features of Warcraft, so this was a pivotal role to play, and he rose to the title because of his prowess. He was born from a world-soul in one of the planets of the Great Dark Beyond.

Despite their appearance, the titans are known for being kind and fair. Therefore, they are Robin Hoods of sorts, scaring off true evil in the name of justice. Sargeras successfully defended the Great Dark against demons from the Twisting Nether when they threatened the kingdom.

Throughout his early history, Sargeras battled multiple demons, first on his own and later with the help of another titan, Aggramar. The story has it that Sargeras eventually started to consider himself invincible and started using sacrificial magic, which went against the rules of the kingdom. This was the turning point in which he turned evil. Sargeras soon became one of the most feared demons in the entire universe.

Chen Stormstout

Another character that players adore is Chen Stormstout. Chen is a brewmaster whose family hailed from Pandaria. He himself was born on the Wandering Isle, a world formed on the back of a giant tortoise.

Desiring to see more of the universe, Chen decided to venture out in search of additional ingredients for his concoctions. He thereafter goes from world to world, sometimes battling other creatures in martial arts contests, sometimes

In his journeys, Chen establishes the Brewfest, after an initial trial involving a contest between himself and Grimbooze Thunderbrew. The conclusion establishes the tradition, as well as the Jug of a Thousand Cups for future generations to compete over.

Illidan Stormrage

Illidan Stormrage is the fearful twin brother of Malfurian Stormrage, hailing from The Black Temple. He was born a night elf sorcerer. One of the things that makes Illidan so alluring to players is the fact that he is both good and evil. He is sometimes known as “The Betrayer” because of evil acts committed against his own people. However, he also attacked the evil Arthas Menethil, which earned him praise. He is also known as the first Demon Hunter.

Because of his act of Betrayal, his people had him imprisoned in the Barrow Deeps below Mount Hyjal, where he was forced to stay for 10,000 years. It was after his release that he transformed into a demon in an effort to defeat dreadlord Tichondrius.

and many more…

There are dozens of characters that are either revered or reviled by the WoW community. Regardless of how likable any given one of them may be, there is sure to be a long and rich story behind the character’s existence, and one that is very much intertwined with other critical elements of the game. This, it seems, is the thing that keeps players glued to the screen: the intricate, intriguing, never-ending series of tales and worlds that continuously offers new challenges to even the most seasoned masters of the game.

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