4 Best Timepiece Finds From The Oris Wristwatch Collection You Can Have Now


When it comes to luxury wristwatches in today’s market, you will be encountering different types of quality and functionalities. The number of choices you can choose from is enormous, giving you the advantage of selecting the suitable luxury wristwatch that will suit your style and daily activities.

The Oris brand is one of the most respected luxury wristwatch producers in the wristwatch industry. Their overall brand has a perspective of producing the best quality timepiece that the wristwatch industry has ever seen. Hence, browsing through their luxury wristwatch collection can be a great way to start exploring the wristwatch industry.

This article will show you five of the best timepieces that you can see in today’s market. This can be a great way of advantage for you to choose your next wristwatch from the different timepieces of the Oris wristwatch collection. Here are the five must-have timepieces for your next purchase.

Divers Sixty-Five Automatic Green Dial Men’s Watch

The first wristwatch on our list of Oris wristwatch collection is the model number 01 733 7707 4337-SET. It is considered by many as one of the most remarkable timepieces ever created. It was designed specifically for those who wish to make a striking but elegant first impression. The green color dial and the many colors around it create magnificent vibes inclined with nature.

It has a casing made of stainless steel and strong materials. It’s a red wristwatch with a circumference of around 40mm. Suppose you have decided to purchase this wristwatch on the market. In that case, you will not be disappointed since it includes additional functionality that allows you to dive in the sea for roughly 100 meters.

Aquis Date Automatic Blue Dial Ceramic Rubber Strap Men’s Watch

The Model 01 400 7763 4135-07 4 24 74 EB is the next watch on our list, and it’s intended for men’s wristwatch enthusiasts. It has a deep blue dial inspired by the deep blue sea and is connected to the wristwatch’s ability to drive 300 meters without harming the wristwatch’s health. It also has a five-day reserve or about 120 hours.

There is only one drawback to this timepiece: it comes with a rubber strap. On the other hand, the owner may easily remove it via the rubber strap and pair it with its preferred brand. You can blend in with whatever outfit that you’re wearing. You’ll have a lightweight luxury wristwatch if you don’t want to replace the band.

Star Wars Stormtrooper Limited Edition Automatic Black Dial Men’s Watch

The Oris 01 743 7734 4184-SET MB timepiece ranks third on our ranking of the best wristwatches from their collection. It comes with a standard silver case and a belt to make it appear as sophisticated as possible. The dial is black with a bright index time market, allowing you to keep track of the time even in low-light situations.

This is a great meeting wristwatch that makes a solid and dramatic first impression. This wristwatch, however, may be best utilized on your trips because it is waterproof to 300 meters, making it suitable for any water activities. If you want a versatile wristwatch for your everyday excursions, this is one of the most beautiful in the collection.

Aquis Hangang Automatic Green Dial Men’s Watch

The Model 01 743 7734 4187-SET is the final wristwatch on our list, and it is designed for any guy that wants a good-looking timepiece. This timepiece features a steel casing and a stainless steel strip and is part of the Oris wrist watch series. One of the many things you will love is the green hue with a beautiful appearance that many people would love to have.

It has a round form and is 43.5 millimeters long, making it a great watch. The Oris 743 base SW 220-1, as well as a 38-hour reserve for an emergency when wounded, will be beneficial. The frequency is 28’800 v.p.h. 4 Hz, which explains why this timepiece is suitable for everyday use.


You can find many wristwatch manufacturers in today’s market to choose for your next timepiece. However, only a few can deliver good quality and assurance of having the finest materials for wristwatch making. Supposed that you are still undecided on your next timepiece, you can still browse through their collection to find the best timepiece that suits you.

In choosing your next timepiece, the activities that you do daily is a must consideration given that your timepiece will help you be more convenient in handling your daily endeavors. Your specific style and fashion are also an excellent way to match the design and color you may want for your next luxury wristwatch.

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