What Type of Bonuses Can You Find Within Slot Games?


Usually, online slots have a large house edge of between 3% and 6%. This means that if a player does not manage to make a large winning, they can quickly lose their entire bankroll – learn more now.

This makes bonuses a vital part of the slot’s gameplay, as they allow the gamer to play longer. Bonuses also offset the usually large house edge and can shift the odds to the player’s favour.

There are two common bonus types that you are likely to find within slot games: free spins and in-games. We will discuss the two in detail below, so read on.

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Free Spins

Free Spins is a gambling term used in both land-based and online casinos. It mainly describes a bonus feature in slot machines or video slots.

As its name suggests, this bonus feature rewards you with extra spins you won’t have to pay for. In most slots, you must land three or more bonus or scatter symbols to trigger the free spins.

The number of scatter symbols used to trigger the free spins bonus feature determines the number of free spins you will receive. Also, in some slots, you can retrigger the free spins feature when the feature itself is active. That means that, instead of, let’s say, ten free spins, you can get 20 of them.

The number of free spins you can get and how to trigger them varies from one slot to another. Therefore, it is crucial to check out the specifics outlined in a slot’s pay table.

Mini Games

Minigames are an additional factor that makes slot machines awesome. They have a significant influence on the development and modification of the gameplay. They are included during the game and offer you the chance to play another similar game. This allows the gamer to play again and win some free spins and prizes. Minigames are simple and have a fascinating interface.

Some games with minigames include:

Pink Panther: the slot has five minigames with two progressive jackpots. The minigames are pink trail, crack the pink code, the wheel of the pink bonus, jackpot adventure, and pink trail. The minigames are triggered randomly.

Ghost Buster: this slot has three minigames, with the Possession Session being the most lucrative. In this minigame, you must enter a room filled with bewitched objects. If there are no ghosts on the way, you win 5x multipliers. Other minigames are Psychic Shock Shack and Scare Stairs.

The Chest of Plenty: this pirate-themed slot game has a minigame where you need to search for treasure using the treasure map. This allows you to win up to 2 000x the bet.

Slots machines offer a great way to have fun as you look forward to some wins. However, the basic play can be boring if there is nothing to spice up things a bit. That is why most slots come with in-game bonuses like free spins and minigames. These help you add extra play time and improve your odds of winning.

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