What Should You Know About Red Vs. Green Kratom?


Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) is a popular herb of different types. It is an evergreen tree native to Southeast Asia, becoming more popular worldwide due to its therapeutic properties. The medicinal properties of kratom help to treat various health ailments. People living in Thailand, Malaysia, Borneo, Bali, and Indonesia have used it as a medicine.

 When you are about to browse kratom online or walk into a local store, you may be confused about choosing the right one for you. Kratom is available in different strains and varieties in the market. Red Vs. Green kratom is a trending topic that most people would like to know about. Red vein kratom is one of the versatile kratoms, and according to the red Borneo kratom review by customers, it acts as an analgesic.

Green vein strain is an enhancer of mood and provides euphoric effects. Even though red and green kratom are similar in most ways, there is more difference. Read on to learn more about a red and green strain of kratom.

What is red and green vein kratom?

The leaves of Mitragyna speciosa contain alkaloids called mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine, which are responsible for their medicinal properties. These alkaloids bind to the same receptor in the brain as opioid drugs and give similar effects. Both strains are from the same kratom plants. People from the ancient periods onwards have used these kratoms.

The age of the plants is responsible for determining the color. The drying and processing methods provide an impact on the color of the kratom. The leaves and veins of kratom will be green during maturation and red when fully matured. After development, the level of alkaloid concentration varies within the leaves.

Based on the alkaloids, the effect of kratom gains its unique characteristics. Harvesting methods, drying methods, and exposure time to light affect the final colors and alkaloid content. The red and green strains can be taken as kratom tea, tossed and washed, capsules and extracts in tincture, powder form, pills, etc.

Red Vs. Green Kratom

Here are some of the effects of the strains you should know:

1. Effects of red and green kratom

a. Red kratom

  • It gives relaxation and reduces anxiety

Almost every person is facing anxiety or stress in their daily routine. Most of them cannot manage this because of work or family. They can use red kratom to relieve stress and make their minds calm. It helps them to concentrate easily as their head will be in a relaxed state. If this strain is taken in a high dosage, it will not give a calming effect and will be a sedative.

People with sleeping disorders can utilize this herb to fall asleep.

  • Pain reduction

Pain results in physical discomfort, which can be relieved by this red vein. In addition to that, it gives relaxation to the muscles after exercises and manages the inflammatory process.

  • Euphoria

You can get euphoric after taking red veins in the proper dosage. Red color vein kratom users experienced the pleasure which improved their quality of life.

b. Green kratom

Green vein kratom acts as a stimulator that gives opiate-like effects. It is not an opioid. But it works similarly by binding to the brain receptors. It provides calming effects and increases energy levels. You can enjoy its benefits the whole day by using a single dose. Green vein kratom increases focus and productivity, whereas using other strains to get these effects may result in tiredness. But red veins will not cause drowsiness.

Other effects of this kratom are relief from physical discomfort, relaxation, upliftment of the mood, and treating mental health problems, like stress, worry, sadness, etc.

2. Strain types

a. Red kratom

  • Red vein maeng da

You should take care in using dosage levels. An increased dosage may produce an intense effect. It is a strain that helps in giving a sedation effect and relieves pain.

  • Red Thai

It helps to give relaxation and reduces pain without any adverse effects.

  • Red Bali and Borneo

Both strains are from Borneo, but only the names are different. It gives mild sedative effects when taken in higher doses.

  • Red Indo

It is perfect for those who want to feel energetic and can get focus and concentration at the same time.

b. Green kratom

  • Green Bali

It is one of the strains which gives more relaxation and induces motivation.

  • Green Malay

It improves cognitive function and has mild analgesic effects.

  • Green Indo

It helps in reducing anxiety and makes you calm. It is suitable for those who do not want overwhelming effects.

  • Green Borneo

When consumed in mild dosage, it gives energy and positivity to life. At higher doses, it will have a euphoric effect.

3. Dosage


a. Red kratom

The effect of this kratom may vary from one person to another. It depends upon several factors, such as age, sex, metabolism, mental and physical health, tolerance level, quality of kratom, etc. It is ideal to start with a low dose of about 3 grams of high-quality kratom. You have to wait for some hours to experience its benefits and note any changes.

Taking above 5 grams will have substantial effects. We recommend starting with a moderate amount and getting confirmation whether that dosage works for you.

b. Green kratom

For some people, about 5-6 grams of this kratom gives an overwhelming effect. For others, it will be a mild dosage. Therefore, it is necessary to stick to the dosage based on age, health conditions, consumption time, etc., before starting the dose. It is best to start with 3 grams and gradually increase the dosage level.

Where to buy red vein and green vein kratom?

Many popular kratom vendors supply red and green kratom. These strains are available easily in local shops, smoke shops, vape shops, etc. It is legal federally, but it depends on the state’s rules. You have to check with the local laws before buying or consuming kratom.

Purchasing kratom online is a perfect option to get a high-quality product and save more money. Online sellers help to save money because they are not spending money to run a physical shop. Make sure to buy the products that have undergone third-party lab testing, whatever may be the strain you have chosen.


Kratom strains for pain have its unique effects. You can take any kratom of red or green based on your preference and health conditions. It is essential to know about each and its products before consuming them. An increased dosage level of kratom may affect your health like another supplement. Consult your doctor before taking kratom to avoid adverse effects when you are under medications.

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