What Does A Cigar Humidor Do?

Cigar Humidor

A humidor stores your cigars. It maintains the perfect temperature and humidity to preserve its quality. The lumbuy humidor will control temperature and relative humidity perfectly. This allows your cigars to retain their great taste without becoming too dry or too wet.

This ensures that your cigars taste amazing due to the perfect combination of humidity and temperature. It’s made of Spanish cedar, and it has a humidifier inside. This combination produces excellent results.

How Cigar Humidifiers Function?

Natural tobacco cigars have no chemical preservatives or artificial components. This means that extra care must be taken to preserve the quality and flavor of your cigars. The cigar may not burn or taste the best if it’s stored too long, too dry, or too hot.

To ensure optimal conditions for your cigars’ growth, activating your humidor requires a sponge or crystal system. The sponge system relies on propylene gel solution and distilled waters for proper humidification and requires refills every week.

Its crystal-like embryonic structures make it a good choice for sponges, as it works around the clock and requires no monthly refills.

What Do I Need for a Humidor

To make a standard-sized humidor, you will only need a desk, shelf, or mantel. You’ll need a standard 120-volt power source for a humidor equipped with a moisture-controlled cooling system.

Spanish cedar

Most humidors contain a Spanish cedar lining. This wood is noted for its ability both to absorb and release moisture slowly to create an even level of humidity. This wood is used for many cigar trays. Be sure to moisten your cedar before storing them in the humidor. The cedar will pull moisture from the cigars if this is not done.


The humidifier makes sure that the humidity and moisture levels remain constant. After you’ve finished filling the humidor with cigars, the humidifier will maintain the proper humidity for the box’s interior. Additionally, the cedar absorbs excess moisture and releases it back if the humidifier is running a bit low.

There are many options for humidifiers. There are many different types of humidifiers to choose from, such as gel-based humidifiers or complex pouches. Be sure to follow the instructions. Make sure that the humidifiers are fully charged with distilled water. Humidifiers do not last forever. Be sure to buy a new one whenever you need it.

Monitor your Humidity Using a Hygrometer

The hygrometer (which measures relative humidity in the humidor) is another key component. It allows you to monitor when your humidifier needs to recharge and adjust humidity. The ideal relative humidity should be 70%.

The optimal temperature should be 70 degrees Fahrenheit. To monitor temperature and humidity, you will need a hygrometer. The humidity should be checked at least once a week by the hygrometer to make sure it is correct. You should calibrate your hydrometer now and again to maintain accurate readings.


Many enthusiasts treasure lumbuy cigars and will tell beginners that they are worthless without a good humidor. A humidor is an essential part of cigar collecting. The extensive list of high-quality cigar humidors available from Your Elegant Bar will help you find the right one for you.

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