Video Trends, Technology & Streaming Innovations to Follow

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Current and rapid advancement in video technology such as 5G, super-resolution, low latency, and VR has introduced an enhanced and far better viewing experience.

With the advent of the latest video trimmer tools and other software, video editing and video streaming have become economically feasible for large-scale production. This has led businesses and brands to compete against each other for connecting with the audience via videos.

Now, the brand that uses the most advanced and latest technology to make its video content will make a profit even in the long run. If you look at the video trends of 2022, you’ll understand that innovation is the key to brand success.

Brands that come up with new streaming innovations to enhance the user experience will never face the challenge of staying behind the competitors. Moreover, if a brand follows the latest video trends, technology, and streaming innovations of 2022, the audience will receive it well.

So, let’s check what they need to follow.

Multiview Feature & Watch Together Services

Early Prediction:

Multiview and Watch Together services will emerge as the mainstream technology and can be expected to become a standard service. As a result, these markets will be in high demand as the service providers will require to capitalise on them.

Progress in 2021:

Due to the response to COVID-19 restrictions, Watch Together services have significantly emerged. However, these solutions advance with unique veneer mechanisms, which get managed from the client’s side. Unfortunately, this mechanism lacks the required integration and essential scalability for every new client platform.

What You Can Expect in 2022:

In 2022, you can expect to get server-based solutions available everywhere as the scalability of Watch Together offerings is higher for more devices. Moreover, deployment will become much easier for numerous client platforms with the help of standardised approaches.

Also, you can expect the Multiview services to expand in 2022. For instance, 5G Multiview recently got in use across the multiple NFL football stadiums in the US. This trend will take off this year, too, as the service features replays, seven live camera angles, and statistics for event-goers.

Developments & Advancement with Super Resolutions

Early Prediction:

Super-resolution is when the low-resolution quality video gets elevated to high-resolution quality videos. Keeping up with motion consistency and picture clarity is vital when variable sources with different video quality stitch the video content together.

Progress in 2022:

Consumer devices such as gaming consoles, smartphones, and Smart TVs are being constantly produced with super-resolution features to meet the high demand in the market. Moreover, with the advancement in the consumer device, you can see that they allow super-resolution at a fast pace, which must accelerate adoption.

What to Expect in 2022:

In 2022, it’s expected that the advancement in the super-resolution feature will take a boost with added support on the device side. But, again, this is interrelated and supportive to the server-based approach.

Video Editing Is Expected To Witness Developments

With video marketing becoming popular each day, editing videos and making them professional-grade would be highly important. So, quite naturally, top-quality video editor tools would be the need of the hour. Make stunning videos to grab the attention of your customers and take your pick from a variety of templates, music, and images to create high-quality videos. With specialised tools and software, video editors would find their job easier than ever.

Access to High-Quality 8K VR

Early Prediction:

The rapid advancement of the 5G network roll-out, low-cost, high-quality 8K capable HMD or Head-Mounted Displays (HMD), and 8K production enables the true potential to bring out the most value from 8K VR. With the availability of these components for the audience, the video service providers will enjoy a unique scope to provide low-cost and high-quality VR experiences.

Progress in 2021:

The progress of 8K VR is still going on with the Streaming Video Alliance VR Study Group organising a trial of 8K VR. They used the high-resolution capture system and harmonic content to find a significant difference between 4K VR and 8K VR.

The important sporting events still remain the most distinctive way to promote video technology and advancement improvements. For instance, take the case of the Tokyo’20 Olympics, where the global audience viewed the streamed content on 4K VR. Compared to the Rio’16 Olympics, this can be considered a great enhancement in the overall user experience.

What to Expect in 2022:

The upcoming Olympics in Beijing will be a great chance to bring 8K production upfront using the latest technology. Live sports streaming published a recent article about a statement given by the chief executive officer of Olympic Broadcasting Services (OBS) – Yiannis Exarchos.

In the statement, Yiannis says that “Until the beginning of the Beijing Olympics, you’ll witness vital acquisition of new means of consumer experience, including augmented reality, which the latest 5G technology will entitle. The ultimate aim is to use the technology that leans on past Olympic achievements to make an 8K VR product.”

Also, you can expect the deployment of the initial 8K viewport-independent services in an OTT environment, maybe the existing one.

OTT Streaming Industry: What Can You Expect From It in 2022

You can expect various things from the OTT streaming industry in 2022. They are as follows:

  • There will be substantial expandability for low latency HLS and DASH.
  • The records will continue to get shattered by the OTT streaming industry. For instance, Super Bowl LV had a streaming record of over 5.5 million viewers on average in 2021.
  • Ad-supported platforms will ensure the availability of more premium content.
  • Integration and information sharing will be of paramount importance.
  • The volumetric video can be used for social experience with the help of the Metaverse Initiative.
  • There will be a drive towards green video streaming.
  • New Technologies will enjoy easier expansion with the help of Cloud services.
  • SaaS offerings will witness significant growth due to API Connections.
  • Data-Driven workflows will get the benefit of real-time data collections.

Final Thoughts

There’s a constant evolution going on with OTT streaming. Enhanced quality of experience can be driven by the boost in consumer demand for live event streaming. In addition, there is a significant growth of personalised and premium content on FAST and AVOD channels.

Moreover, the OTT streaming will become much more thrilling and enticing with volumetric video. The video streaming industry continues to work on enhancing green streaming and interoperability. In 2022, you’ll continue to witness rapid progress in these crucial areas of the streaming industry.

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