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About sports betting

Betting on sports has become very popular in our time, but there were bets long before our time. Back in 1850 appeared the first bookmaker’s office accepted bets in a special institution. Now sports betting is linked to online sites like

Many bookmakers flooded the expanses of the Internet, and for good reason, because it is much more convenient to bet on sports in the comfort of your home, where you can watch all the matches and important moments through the broadcasts.

Bookmakers can not start their activities in various countries, including Bangladesh, without the appropriate documents or licenses.

Among the many good bookmakers, our experts have created their volume based on the opinions of users from Bangladesh, this top and the advantages of each bookmaker from this top we will consider in the next section.

Best betting sites in Bangladesh

According to Bangladesh users, we offer you the top five best sites for online sports betting:

  1. Dafabet;
  2. Parimatch;
  3. mostbet;
  4. 10cric;
  5. 4rabet.

Each bookmaker has its own features that make it stand out from other bookmakers.

And now we will take a closer look at what stands out in each of the bookmaker sites.


Dafabet is not only for beginners but also for old users as entering Dafabet’s official website you can see two betting Bangladesh sections which allow you to use both the old interface and the new one which is perfect for new users. In addition to this division, Dafabet’s staff is working hard to create new features for their users. The bookmaker has also become a provider of gaming modes for casinos or a loyalty program which, compared to other bookmakers, will allow Dafabet’s users to get much more benefits with each level and the range of rewards is much larger than that of the bookmaker’s competitors.


Parimatch was one of the first bookmakers who started to operate online and that’s why the creators of the official site aren’t afraid to add lots of innovations regarding not only the interface but also the game modes. The interface may not please every user because of its strong differentiation from its competitors, but it still has its positive aspects, and the presence of modes like predictions for betting exchange and top multi betting will let users gain new experience in betting sites BD industry which is perfect for those new to betting


This bookmaker is known to many Bangladeshi users due to the sheer variety of bonus offers you can enjoy. The site has three bonus categories filled with all sorts of offers for both casino and betting while the two loyalty programs allow users to receive both casino and individual betting BD bonuses.


The main sport of this bookmaker is cricket, which is loved by all users of Bangladesh, and for this reason, the bookmaker has a lot of bonuses associated with discipline. Just because the bookmaker has a lot of bonuses associated with cricket does not mean that other bonuses and games in the sports book do not exist, a huge number of gaming disciplines and bonuses are just as many just most relate to cricket.


The best bonus offers will welcome visitors to the official site of the bookmaker because 4rabet bonuses give a huge advantage because of the huge rewards. The bonuses themselves are not as many as other bookmakers and the variety of bonuses is not as great, but the number of rewards more than compensate for all the shortcomings.

Now that you know all the advantages of bookmakers it will be difficult to determine which site is the best to choose for sports betting. In order to ease the problem of choice for beginners, our experts have made a special methodology to determine the best betting site based on your preferences. You can read about this methodology in the next section.

How to choose a betting site in Bangladesh

Users from Bangladesh may face the problem of choosing a bookmaker with so many of them in the betting Bangladesh market. We offer you a methodology consisting of 3 simple steps that will allow you to decide which betting site is the best for you.

Step one – definition

Determining exactly what you want to see in the best betting site for you is not easy and to facilitate your thinking, we suggest you answer a couple of simple questions that will let you know what aspects you would like to see in a bookmaker.

What bonuses do I need for betting?

Perhaps you already have some bonuses in mind that you would like to see on the betting site, or you would like to see bonuses aimed at specific modes or disciplines.

How much time do you plan to spend on sports betting?

Depending on the time you spend on the bookmaker’s site, you will be able to determine which bonuses will be suitable for you, for example, if you want to try out the bookmaker, the first deposit bonus will suit you, for frequent sessions, the bookmaker with a good loyalty program will suit you.

Do you want to receive information about the ongoing match, in the form of a broadcast or a table with brief information?

Different bookmakers put an emphasis on tables with information or on the quality of the broadcast. After determining the aspects, you can proceed to the next step.

Step two – study

We advise you to use specially made expert sites with reviews of all bookmakers to determine the bookmaker’s strengths and the aspects you wish to know. These sites will give you information about all the aspects you are interested in as well as about the bookmaker’s weaknesses. After thoroughly reading the reviews you can move on to the final step.

Step Three – Using the Bookmaker.

Only you can choose which bookmaker suits you and therefore you have to visit all the bookies you have chosen by yourself. Study all the nuances and aspects that interest you. After looking at all the sites you will determine exactly which site is right for you.

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