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Believe it or not, there are plenty of opportunities to play casino games for free online. Many casinos let you play their games for free, just for fun, in what is usually called free mode or demo mode. There are also social casinos, where all the games are free to play. These might be web-based or mobile apps, and they allow you to play without wagering any money, but also, understandably enough, without the possibility of winning any.

There is also, however, another option. Increasingly, US residents are playing at sweepstakes casinos. This is a model that allows players to play for free, but with the possibility of winning real money. This is because the casinos combine the main aspects of the social casinos, providing an essentially social gaming experience, but also throw in a sweepstake. As you may already know, sweepstakes, by definition, allow people to win money without wagering any. When you see any kind of contest or giveaway that states ‘no purchase required’, it is probably operating on a sweepstake model.

What are sweepstake casinos?

Sweepstake casinos do not have the facility for players to deposit funds directly or make any real-money wagers. Instead, they allow players to buy (or obtain for free) credits or ‘coins’ that can then be used to play games at the casino. 

Typically, these casinos offer two types of virtual currency. They are often known as ‘gold coins’ or ‘sweeps coins’. Sweeps coins can be obtained for free. You will get some just for signing up, and you will then get bonus coins as you participate on the site. You cannot buy sweeps coins – instead, you must ‘earn’ them in various ways. 

Read the terms and conditions at your sweepstakes casino carefully to ensure that you understand which coin is which, how they can be obtained, and what they can be used for. Your sweeps coins have no direct monetary value, but they are the ones you can redeem for the chance to win a range of prizes, including real money.

How do I play for free?

To play for free, you will have to obtain sweeps coins. This can be done in different ways, depending on the casino. You will get a certain amount of sweeps coins when you sign up, and may be able to earn them playing specific games, or taking specific actions on the site. 

You may get them as a bonus when you buy a package of gold coins, which can also be used to play games on the site, and some casinos allow you to mail in a request for more coins. You can use these sweeps coins to play games on the site, and when you are ready, redeem them to try to win prizes.

Will I really win real money at a sweepstake casino?

You may well win real money at a sweepstake casino, but just like any other casino, there are no guarantees. Any participating player may win any one of a number of predefined prizes every sweepstake session, so the odds vary, as with any similar contest or sweepstake. Players do, however, regularly win real money from sweepstakes casinos. However, most players participate at these casinos mainly for fun and entertainment, and see any sweepstake wins as a bonus.

Are sweepstake casinos legal?

Sweepstakes casinos are currently legal in the vast majority of US states. They are also legal throughout Canada and in many other countries and regions, including places where ordinary gambling activities are prohibited or restricted.

This is because the model they use is not strictly defined as gambling. You do not deposit any money or place any wagers when you play in a sweeps casino, and there is always a way to play there without purchasing any coins or credits. This means that there is no purchase required, which is the concept that generally makes the difference between ‘gambling’ and simply entering a contest or giveaway.

Are sweepstake casinos safe?

It is easy to assume that sweepstakes casinos are always safe to use, because unlike standard online gambling sites, they don’t take a cash deposit, so you have ‘nothing to lose’. In a way, this is true, but remember that when you play at a sweepstake casino, you will still need to register your details and upload documents to show proof of identity, age and residency. It’s not unusual for a sweepstakes site to ask for your social security number and a copy of your driver’s license so that it can verify that you really are who you say you are.

If you choose to buy paid credits, you will have to submit payment details, and you will also have to share payment information, such as bank details, to claim any cash prizes you might win. That’s not information you want to play fast and loose with.

Therefore, you should ensure that the sweepstake casino you are using is safe and secure. Sweepstakes casinos should follow the same best practices as any other site or app, safely encrypting, collecting and storing your data and payment information. Check the privacy policy and other legal documents carefully, and make sure that the site has good reviews and is licensed and regulated in the state in which it is based.

Where can I play for free and win real money?

There is a wide choice of sweepstakes casinos available and all of them offer the same basic model, allowing you to sign up and play for free, while also allowing you to win real money. Just remember that you are not guaranteed to win any more than in any other casino. Some of the more popular sweepstakes casinos available online, or as mobile apps, include Fortune Coins Casino, LuckyLand Slots and Chumba Casino.

If you are looking for casino games to play for free, mainly for fun and entertainment, but you would also like the chance to maybe win some real money, then sweepstakes casinos are definitely worth considering.

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