Landmark Self Storage Review: In Depth Review of Business

Landmark Self Storage

The world population is growing at a rapid rate, thus leading to a growth in the requirement of storage solutions. This demand for storage spaces has further formed the basis of the global self-service storage industry.

For those who are new to the industry, the self-storage industry basically provides storage units for rent- usually on a month to month basis, but also for long-term renting. People can rent out traditional or special climate controlled units to store their precious belongings.

From extravagant cars, boats and vehicles to household knick-knacks, expensive antiques, art and paintings, furniture and anything you could possibly store- self-storage units are what people have been resorting to.

According to BusinessWire, the self-storage industry has grown to achieve a value of US $51.32 Billion in 2021. The USA has a humongous number of self-storage sites, while there are less than 3000 self-storage units in Canada, according to estimations. And out of these, Landmark Self Storage is one of the top self-storage companies there.

Landmark self storage has been locally owned and in operation since David Syvenky founded it in 2006. Since then they have been renting out storage units to individuals in need. This article will provide a detailed review of their website and its features, pricings and sizes and their customer reviews.

1. Landmark Self Storage Website

Their Home page first holds up to the customer the options of calling the company, asking questions and paying online. They boast of the fact that the Landmark self storage facility in Edmonton, Canada is the only facility in the region which runs on solar power. This is a fantastic initiative to encourage the use of renewable energy.

 Further as you scroll, you will find four clickable options. These options take the customer to individual pages about Heated Storage, Non-heated storage Storage tips and Moving supplies that the self-storage company in Canada provides.

On the top of the home page, there is a row of the various tools that they offer, and information pages about their features. The first one, right beside the ‘Home’ page is the Pay Online page. Through this customers can pay their due bills from the ease and convenience of their homes.

Further along is the About us section which allows passage to their About us page, Security and Giving back page. In the second, they have mentioned the security measures they take to keep your belongings safe.

From personal security code on their gated entry to your unit, to video surveillance, security alarms and bright lighting in the hallway- everything ensures top security to curb the theft concerns. The self-storage company based in Canada also supports charitable organisations like Amnesty International, Promise Keepers, The Mustard Seed, etc. This information is mentioned in their Giving Back Page.

Their office hour timings are 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM on weekdays, and on Sundays and holidays, they remain closed. They also have solar-powered facilities, which is one of its kind in their facility at Edmonton. They also have pages that provide information about their reviews and units, which we will be discussing in our next points.

2. Their Pricing and Sizes

This self-storage company in Canada provides Heated and Non-heated storage units. Customers can choose whichever suits their requirements better, but the prices of these two categories differ from each other obviously.

 Their smallest non-heated storage units falls at 5’ x 5’ x 13’ and is rented at $85 per month. It provides 325 cubic feet of area. Moreover, they provide units of varying sizes.

For example, 5’ x 10’ x 13’ units for $125 a month, 5’ x 10’ x 15’ storage units also for $125 a month since it has no hallway access and customers can only drive-up to it, and so on.

Their largest non-heated unit in Edmonton has dimensions 10′ x 30′ x 14′. And it costs $320 a month to rent. In comparison, their smallest heated unit has dimensions 4′ x 7′ x 8′ and costs $80 a month to rent. The 4’ x 9’ x 8’ unit is $92 a month, while the 5’ x 5’ x 15’ unit costs $95 a month, and so on. The bigger the unit and the more features provided, the higher the price.

As you can see, the heated units are costlier than the non-heated ones, and rightfully so. They require energy to keep the temperature in control and higher than their surroundings. So if your belongings do not have any temperature requirements, then it is better to opt for the non-heated self storage rooms.

The company further provides Household Storage, Commercial storage and Record Storage for all your needs. Each type has its own perks and features so be sure to check them out here.

3. Their Customer Reviews and Online persona

The Reviews page in their website allows you to leave a review of them according to your experience. But they have a ton of customer reviews on their site in Google maps. Out of about 60 reviews, the majority have rated them well.

This has amounted to their overall rating being a 4.3 out of 5 stars. One of their customers commented on their pleasant atmosphere and willingness to help. Another long-term customer of Landmark, Julia, remarked about her fantastic experience of 4 years.

She praised the self-storage company in Canada about their reasonable rates and good people, as well as saying she would go back to them when in need of storage in the future. That is indeed a compliment of high regards.

But like any other company, landmark too has received some bad reviews from some of their unsatisfied customers. One such customer commented about the rude desk-lady and her unprofessionalism.

While another complained about the mice infestation and damage done to their belongings while they were being storage in a unit at Landmark. I suggest you keep both categories of reviews in mind to make an informed decision.

Check out their units and prices and decide on whether this is the facility for you. And when you are done deciding, don’t forget to check out their Pre-storage tips page for additional information and storing knowledge.

Keeping in mind all these points and features, I would say Landmark is definitely one of the top self-storage companies in Canada that one could rent out. But if you don’t find the unit and prices you are looking for, check out our review of East Side Self Storage in Canada. Who knows, maybe you will find your match there!

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