In Virginia, here are 5 of the most popular playgrounds


Major Playground is a great place for kids to hang out. It provides a safe environment for children to play in and is convenient with its total payment system. You can even purchase the merchandise for kids at the store. The location of your 메이저놀이터 should be near your target market and should be in an area that is safe for children.

Diana Ross Playground

The Diana Ross Major Playground is a unique playground that has been named for Diana Ross. The park is located on the Great Lawn of Central Park and is filled with exciting playground equipment. It features swings, slides, and a sturdy wooden jungle gym. Diana Ross was an inspiration for the creation of this playground and the proceeds raised from the concert were used to build it.

In 1983, Diana Ross held two free concerts in Central Park and pledged to fund the Diana Ross Major Playground with her television rights. However, during the second show, a thunderstorm ruined all of the souvenir merchandise, so she had to rely on her funds to help raise the rest of the funds. The park is a tribute to Diana Ross’ commitment to the community.

Clemyjontri Park

This two-acre park, which opened in 2006, boasts a great setting for children of all abilities. Located in McLean, Fairfax County, at 6317 Georgetown Pike, this park is sure to provide hours of fun for the whole family. Whether you’re looking for an outdoor playground for your kids or just want a place to run around in the community, Clemyjontri Park is sure to please.

The park features swings and other exciting games for children of all ages. The park is surrounded by a carousel and includes a picnic pavilion. The staff at Clemyjontri Park is friendly and sincere, which helps create an environment where children can interact with one another.

Acushnet Creamery

메이저놀이터  Acushnet Creamery is a local landmark with a long list of flavors. This popular ice cream shop offers specialty desserts, including cereal-inspired frappes, floats, and ice cream sodas. Ice cream sandwiches are also available. The store is open until the end of December, so visitors have plenty of time to enjoy their delicious treat.

Home Depot

The Major Playground at Home Depot is a partnership between the nonprofit Kaboom! and The Home Depot, the world’s largest home improvement retailer. Since 2005, the two companies have worked together to build more than 1,000 play spaces around the world. The Victory Park playground will provide a fun, safe environment for children in the local community and three nearby schools.

The major playground will be completed in early Fall 2018 and feature a mirrored soccer ball sculpture, which will be 35 feet high. It will be a destination playground for the entire community. The Atlanta-area community will be able to use the playground during the entire year, which will include year-round activations. The Spring programming season will feature arts and culture, while the Fall programming season will feature health and wellness.

Landscape Structures

Landscape Structures is known for the innovation of its play structures. Even before it opened its doors, the company pioneered continuous play, allowing kids to move from one component to the next without touching the ground. This concept saves space, allows kids to develop independence, and improves their interaction skills.

Landscape Structures believes in empowering communities by providing the right playground equipment to help children develop. For this reason, they have partnered with Kiwanis, the world’s largest volunteer-led service organization. This partnership enables Landscape Structures representatives to connect with local community leaders and gain access to local resources. Together, they are dedicated to helping communities build inclusive playgrounds that are accessible to all.

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