How to Get Hovsco Electric Bike Dealership Investment and Requirement

Hovsco Electric Bike

Hovsco ebikes feature various features that set them apart in the market, such as their HovAlpha fat tire electric bike which packs plenty of power into its compact frame design.

With its low-step frame and fat tires, its convenient low-step frame enables effortless riding through snow, sand, or rough terrain without breaking a sweat. Furthermore, its LCD digital panel displays battery, speed, pedal assist level information as well as an odometer reading.


HOVSCO Ebikes was established in 2019 and has since earned praise for their excellent customer service, reasonable prices, and selection of accessories to go along with their bikes.

Hovsco offers an assortment of bicycle models designed to meet the diverse needs of riders. Their selection includes mountain, trail, commuter and city commuter bikes with unique designs and eye-catching aesthetics.

HovAlpha, the company’s latest model of fat tire Electric Bike, stands out with many impressive features. As a class 2 e-bike it can reach 20 miles per hour right out of the box; 28 mph can be unlocked via its Hovsco app. Furthermore, it boasts a powerful 960Wh Samsung battery as well as an advanced torque sensor which outshines cadence sensors found on other fat tire e-bikes.


Hovsco specializes in fat tire ebikes and commuter bikes that are lightweight, durable and cost-effective – as well as offering a range of accessories to accompany these products.

Aluminum frames feel strong and sturdy; welds where tubes join are smooth and consistent, showing careful design consideration was paid to this device. Their batteries are integrated into their frame design with an LED flashlight serving as an additional charge status indicator.

HovAlpha ebike is an excellent entry-level option for riders entering the fat tire ebike market, offering impressive performance for its price point with its powerful LG battery and torque sensor – outperforming cadence sensors on similar models at this price range – reaching speeds up to 28mph in pedal assist mode.


Hovsco e-bikes are built for power, reliability and performance. Hovsco offers various models such as fat tire e-bikes, city commuter e-bikes and foldable models; as well as accessories like racks, baskets and batteries to complement them.

The company’s e-bikes are constructed with sturdy aluminum frames and seamless welds, as well as an intelligent battery pack integrated seamlessly into their frame design.

As electric vehicles are more eco-friendly than cars, they are an excellent option for anyone seeking to reduce their carbon footprint and save money on transportation costs. As gas prices increase and people look for ways to cut expenses on transportation costs, electric vehicle dealerships present an ideal business opportunity at present.


Hovsco Ebikes are known for their high performance and user-friendly features, including their variety of models to meet different riders’ needs and affordable pricing that makes them even more desirable to consumers.

Based on their model, customers have two modes available to them when it comes to motor assistance: “pure”, where no power assistance from the motor is offered; or “pedal assist”, in which power from the motor assists pedaling while giving riders more range with less effort.

Hovsco ebikes feature 48V 15Ah Samsung/LG lithium-ion batteries capable of reaching 60 miles of pedal assist in pedal-assist mode, plus an LCD strip light to help ensure safe riding at night – an invaluable feature for cyclists looking to commute or navigate town more efficiently.

5.After-sales service

Hovsco offers customers a selection of after-sales services designed to make the buying experience as smooth and hassle-free as possible. Their experienced technicians are available at any time to address any inquiries or address concerns you might have about their products.

The company provides a money-back guarantee on all their products; simply return the bike within fifteen (15) calendar days of receipt for a full refund, providing it is in good condition.

Hovsco ebikes come equipped with various features and specifications designed to meet the needs of different riders, making them suitable for commuters, off-road enthusiasts, families carrying large loads and cargo transport needs as well as being highly efficient while offering an enjoyable riding experience.

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