How to Build a Digital Marketing Plan for Cannabis or CBD?


The Cannabis and CBD marketers always face a unique set of marketing challenges, perhaps more so than in any other industry. First, there is a presence of everchanging and vague state and local regulations to keep up with, out of which there is a ban on certain forms of advertising outright. Not only that, but there’s also the digital roadblock of Facebook and Google, which have policies of rejecting cannabis, CBD, and ancillary business ads. However, these policies are enforced with maddening irregularity thus, there is a need for CBD digital marketing.

The overview- of CBD Digital Marketing

Cannabis and CBD

There are many top CBD brands like CBDfx whose official website you can visit from here which are doing great and the credit goes to their smart digital marketing plan. Building a smart CBD digital marketing plan is a very tricky ordeal. By following all the above factors, the task gets even tougher. However, at its core, a digital marketing strategy is simply a plan of action designed to help the business achieve its business goals. The following points regarding the digital marketing plan guide digital marketing for cannabis and CBD.

Researching the Market

The first step in preparing a CBD digital marketing strategy relies on research over theory. This is particularly important for cannabis and CBD businesses because both industries have an immense array of potential customers. However, this business has a great amount of a variety of historical stereotypes to combat. To avoid pigeonholing your business or your customers, find as much hard data as possible about your target demographic. Finally, it is important to know your local cannabis and CBD advertising rules. You’ll need to understand not only what’s permitted in your location but also what’s permitted on digital platforms.

Setting the Marketing Goal

Cannabis and CBD

The availability of a firm base of data to build on, the best step is to start formulating the business marketing goals. There has to be the possibility where it should align directly with the current company policies and the goals of other departments across your team. However, the goals should be smart, specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely for the best results. The measurability element should be meaning you’re establishing KPIs for each purpose as you go. Be sure to keep any limitations of your local cannabis regulations in mind, along with the CBD digital marketing.

Auditing the Digital Assets

Cannabis and CBD

Listing out every channel available for digital marketing, from Facebook to the personal website to any platform that accepts cannabis ad buys. The target customer won’t see, read, or hear the act of grossing off any of that. Channels will generally fall under three umbrellas: paid media, owned media, and earned media. Auditing this is an important aspect of CBD digital marketing regarding this type of high-risk business.

  • The process of returning to your goals is important to consider where these returns fall in the modern digital marketing funnel.
  • For people looking to increase brand awareness, engage potential customers, convince people to buy your product, or convert the ones you’ve convinced.
  • A robust cannabis digital marketing plan will include a healthy mix of campaigns under each owned, earned, and paid media umbrella.

The marketing ideas for CBD

Marketing campaign ideas for cannabis or CBD might include various types of CBD digital marketing:

  • Paid media includes advertisements of all kinds that consist of digital banner ads, connected TV ads, digital audio spots, videos, mobile, native advertising, paid search listings, paid social posts, and so on. These are the easiest campaigns to get up and running in a short amount of time. But, on the other hand, they require some budgets that is put behind them.
  • The owned media includes digital channels whose content can be controlled, including the home website, blog posts, working emails, and social media accounts. These channels are similar to paid media in that you own the messaging, but they’ll use less of your budget and require more time to manage.
  • Earned media includes the digital channels whose content is controlled by influencers and the press. This including news sites, blogs, podcasts, and so on. Like owned media, earned media requires minimal budget but takes time and effort—and unlike paid and owned media, you won’t control what gets published.

The Key points in campaigns by the channel

The key points regarding the campaigns done by the channels are a great deal in determining the effective function of the marketing strategy.

  • Retargeting the customers who have visited your website with ads on other websites.
  • A geofenced ad campaign is prepared to reach adults who live near local dispensaries.
  • A PR campaign that is surrounding an upcoming product launch
  • Social media influencer is a key marketing campaign for brand awareness
  • An SMS campaign aimed at your dispensary’s loyal members
  • Retargeting the customers who have abandoned their shopping cart with ads offering a discount for completing the purchase to the consumer
  • A series of webinars for B2B businesses to enable a better understanding
  • Seasonal banner ad campaigns directing viewers to promotional landing pages of the company

The above report is prepared to understand the CBD market better and formulate the best marketing strategies needed to bolster sales.

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