How to Apply for a Major Site Plan


If you are in the process of applying for a 메이저사이트plan, there are some steps you need to follow. First, you should get a Notice of Complete Application. This notice will tell you when your project will be scheduled for a public hearing. Once you receive a Notice of Complete Application, you must send the project to the City for a public hearing.

Signs required for major site plan review

The Richland County Building and Planning Departments review sign permits. When submitting a sign permits application, you must provide all required documentation. This includes a signed sign application form, additional drawings that are scaled, and a signed checklist. You must also include the following: name, address, and physical items that may affect the ESC.

The Notice of Complete Application (NOC) will include a public hearing date. Until this notice is received, the project will not be scheduled for a public hearing. Before you start the process of designing and creating your sign, check the requirements and standards listed in City Code section 496-11.3.7.

Requirements for submitting a major site plan

There are specific requirements for submitting a major site plan to the City. The review process can take between two and six months, depending on the size of the project. The application must be submitted electronically and include a narrative by the applicant’s engineer. After review, the applicant will be notified of the status of the application.

In addition to the general requirements, the submission must also include the following: Cost Estimate Analysis, Site Work Certification, and Submittal Requirements. The zoning administrator and Design Review Committee will review the plan. The project must also include an Impervious Surface Ratio.

A site analysis is an integral part of a 메이저사이트 development plan. This assessment will identify potential restrictions on development, such as wetlands, and can also identify unique features. If the development plan is complex, an expert may have to help evaluate the proposal. Alternatively, a private consultant may be hired for the site evaluation. Either way, the application should include a description of the site characteristics and any comments and recommendations the review authority will consider.

After the review of the project, the City Planning Board will determine whether to approve the proposal, deny it, or approve it with modifications. The decision will be documented in a written notice. The applicant must then submit a building permit application that reflects the approved conditions and minor modifications.

Neighbor meetings are required for new street connections

Neighbor meetings are required for any new street connection or street stub. The applicant must send a letter to all property owners in the affected area and post a notice of the meeting. The City also posts a notice sign adjacent to the proposed street connection. The applicant must also provide a written summary of the meeting.

The City of Charleston and Enough Pie, a local nonprofit, have developed a Neighborhood Toolkit that will help neighborhood associations organize meetings and stay connected. The toolkit has ideas for organizing neighborhood meetings and templates for materials. It also gives ideas on new ways to communicate with neighbors. Interested residents can access the toolkit to learn more. The toolkit also includes an introduction to the City team and sample materials.

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