How Call of Duty: Warzone is considered the best game?

call of duty

The game call of duty is considered one of the best battle video games around the world. There are so many battle games around the web. People don’t just love to play video games on the PlayStations and cxbocc or other gaming consoles. But, they also love to play these games on the smart phones also. Many companies have launched battle games for smart phones also. People now can play their favorite games on smart phones too. The game Call of duty has also been introduced on smart phones. There are so many reasons why this game is better than other battle games.

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People love to play this game more than n other games because of this game’s equipment, features, and graphics. This is a free-to-play game. This game was introduced to the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox series X/S and windows. But, now, this game can be played on portable devices and smart phones also. This game was developed by Infinitely Ward and Reven Software and was published by Activision.

This game consists of two modes which are Battle Royale and Plunder. The Battle Rooayel mode is very similar to the modes of the other battle games. In this mode, a player has to parachute onto a larger circle, and the circle shrinks whenever he/she kills one of his/her opponents, and space gets tighter every time. The remaining player will be the winner.

In the Plunder mode, there are stacks of cash everywhere on the map. The players have to find those stacks and have to pick them. The players have to make a squad for this. The team has to pick $1 million. The squad which has the highest cash will win, and the reward will be summed yo to 1.5 times.

There are some other modes and variations in this game also. Those modes and variations are BR Buy packs; this is a variation of the Battle Royale mode, and in this, the player will automatically get revived, or we can say respawned if he/she has enough money. The second one is the Blood money, which is a variation of Plunder mode in which the players will so many rewards and cash after completing a contract or by making any finishing move.

‘Mini Royale’ is the mode in which there are 50 players allowed to play a single match. There is a smaller circle, and the players have to play in between it. This mode has made this so that the players can build the capability of making squads on their own. There are so many other variations and modes also, but these are the main ones.

  • Maps

The maps are one of the interesting factors, or we can say an important feature of any game to play. The maps make a game more interesting, and a player will get more attracted to it because he/she will find it more challenging to play in a new map place. There are two types of maps in the Warzone version.

Verdansk This is a map of a fictional city, which is based on the map of a real-life city named Donetsk city. This map is also found in the Modern Warfare version, but in this version, it is updated. This map is one of the most basic maps for all the battle games, as all the battle games have a city map. A big-time variation of this map is also introduced in the Modern Warfare season 6.

  • Rebirth island

Rebirth island is the map of an island. It is the second map of this version. This map is based on a real-life island named Vozrozhdeniya. This map was also featured in the Black ops version of the game Call of Duty. This map is a re-imagination of Alcatraz island. This map was previously in the Black ops 4 in the blackout mode.

  • Equipment

The types of equipments in the game are very high level. In the very beginning, a player will; get an X16 pistol to start playing the battle. This game has a=so many other equipments like guns and ammunition. At a certain level, the player will collect shields also to save him/her from the opponent’s attacks. You can also buy equipment in this game, as there is an in-game currency called cash. You will earn the cash by playing the game and by leveling up yourself, and you can also pick up the cash of your dead opponent and can buy the equipment.

  • Cheats and Hacks

Cheats and hacks are one of the helping parts of the game. There are so many cheats and hacks for this game that can help the player to fight with their opponent more easily. By applying these cheats, your gaming experience will be very good. ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) is the hack in which there is an x-ray glass worn on the player, and he/she can see the coming opponent from a long distance. The player can also see the opponent through a solid surface.

There are some removals and warnings also which will help a player to cope up with his/her obstacles. Obstacles like fog and smoke can be cleared with these, and cheats like eft cheats will help to handle some other obstacles.


To sum up, we can say that there are so many battle video games, but the call of duty: warzone has some of the special features which will make it better than other games. There are so many of the features of it. Features like its equipment, graphics, two types of maps, two types of modes, cheats, and hacks, etc. these are some of the factors on which the call of duty has chosen as the best game. Suppose anyone ever wants to play any battle game at play stations, Xbox, windows, or even on smart phones. Then, you should always suggest to him/her this game blindly, and he/she will definitely give you blessings for your advice.

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