Documents Required For Abroad Study – A Complete List

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Finding out how to apply for a study abroad program can be a long and time-consuming process. From shortlisting courses and universities to booking flights and finding accommodations, there are a thousand details that need to be considered. Throughout the process of studying abroad, you will need a variety of documents.

Documents Suggested By The Best Overseas Education Consultants

In order to study abroad, you will need the following documents according to the best overseas education consultants:

Application Form

All information related to your professional and personal background will be included in the application form, which will be reviewed by the admissions committee. Fill out the application form meticulously and provide accurate information. Before submitting, it is recommended that you double-check the information.

SOP (Statement of Purpose)

SOPs are essential to the application process. There will be an explanation of your academic and professional backgrounds, your reasons for pursuing a particular course of study, and your reasons for pursuing a particular institution. As a result, this essay is highly important, as the admissions committee and authorities will evaluate it closely. In this way, you will be able to differentiate yourself from other applicants.

Official Academic Transcripts

These are your academic records, which are similar to your consolidated mark sheets. The documents will contain your mark sheets, grades, degrees, and credits. In order to apply to any international university, the best overseas education consultants recommended providing original documents.

LOR (Letter of Recommendation)

The Letter of Recommendation (LOR) is another key document written by an applicant’s professors, supervisors, or managers, who provide information regarding the applicant’s performance, achievements, experiences, and projects. By doing so, the admissions committee is able to gain valuable insight into the applicant’s journey.


A resume or CV is an essential document that highlights your professional and academic credentials as well as your internships, degrees, certificates, and work experience.

Scores In Standardized Tests

Depending on the institution, you will be required to submit scores from various tests. It is common for many countries to require scores from English proficiency tests such as IELTS or TOEFL. A second option is the PTE. When applying at the undergraduate level, you may be required to submit the SAT/ACT or GRE/GMAT. For more information on the scores, get in touch with the best overseas education consultants.


A study abroad essay may be required by some colleges to demonstrate that you are serious about studying abroad. By writing this essay, you can make an excellent first impression on the university administration and demonstrate that you are committed and prepared to pursue the stated course of study.

Valid Passport

It is your passport that serves as your ultimate proof of identity. Passports will be required at every step of the process, from the registration for the standardized test to the visa application. When traveling or applying for a student visa, you should only use the original passport. The validity of your passport should extend for at least six months beyond the date of your planned return home.


It is necessary for you to provide passport-sized photographs with specific backgrounds. Review the requirements for visas and admissions issued by the respective authorities.

Proof of Work Experience

There are many universities that may require you to submit this information, especially if you have completed internships or worked full-time for an organization. Generally, it is a written document that details your start and end dates at a company.

Proof Of Funds

In order to demonstrate that you have sufficient funds to cover tuition and living expenses, you will need to submit your bank statements. Furthermore, you must provide a copy of your student loan statement and a copy of your sponsorship proof or scholarship letter, if applicable. Candidates may also be required to provide proof of their income or the income of their family members.

For studying abroad, you will certainly need the above-mentioned documents. Therefore, if you plan to apply anytime soon, prepare these documents with the assistance of the best overseas education consultants.

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