Common Emergency Room Errors By Doctors

Emergency Room

The US emergency rooms receive thousands of patients in a single day, and hundreds of doctors treat them. It is essential that each of the doctors focus on their patients and treat them correctly. Even the most minor errors on the doctor’s or medical team’s part can put someone’s life at risk. This is even more true for emergency room cases where the patient is already in a critical condition. 

If you have been mistreated by a doctor or other medical provider at the emergency room and suffer from health and other complications, you deserve justice. Hire a medical malpractice attorney atlanta ga, to understand how you can find evidence to prove your claim and recover the damages. However, sometimes the doctor may be willing to treat you for free as compensation if you are lucky. 

Common emergency room errors by doctors 

  • Misdiagnosis

Misdiagnosing a patient’s health condition is one of the most common and harmful forms of emergency room errors. When the doctor misdiagnoses a person, they may create an inappropriate treatment plan, suggest unnecessary medical examinations and prescribe the wrong medications. 

All of this can greatly affect a patient’s health and sometimes even end their life. Misdiagnosis is usually caused due to lack of time and when medical providers are in a hurry to treat many patients. 

  • Failure to perform required tests

Misdiagnosis can lead to wrong treatment plans and unnecessary medical tests. On top of that, the doctors and nurses may not perform the required tests according to the patient’s health problem. When the required tests are not performed, the doctor cannot understand the patient’s problem. 

  • Improper performance of a procedure

Doctors and nurses must check all patients who come through the emergency room door, which can sometimes mean performing procedures with little to no experience. Medical situations must be handled by medical providers who know what they are doing, but a lack of staff can lead to such errors. This can later cause harm to the patient. 

  • Improperly medicating patients

When doctors misdiagnose patients, they have improper information about their health condition and status. Their later steps affect the patient severely because these steps are taken based on the established health condition. The doctor may prescribe the wrong medication or give a patient the wrong kind of blood during surgery in the emergency room. This can not just cause harm but unintentionally kill the patient. 

If a doctor mistreated you or your loved one, hire a medical malpractice attorney today. 

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