Adam Richman! Why he missed out on the latest season?

Adam Richman! Why he missed out on the latest season

There is no food and cooking enthusiast across the globe who has not heard about the extraordinary Adam Richman who hosted the popular show Man vs Food. Man vs Food is a food reality series where the host travels across the various restaurants in the cities and engages in a variety of unusual eating challenges. The show saw Richman travelling to different cities and indulging in some hot and spicy food challenges and also making conversations with the local chef to know more about the food preferences of the place. Richman became the star of the show and was widely loved and adored for his hosting style. However, with the beginning of season 5, the show saw a new host replacing the popular face of Adam Richman. This fanned a lot of gossip and controversy and people wondered, what happened to Adam from man vs food?

Shedding light on Adam Richman:

Richman started his career in acting and did some guest roles in some prominent productions along with being involved with regional theatre productions and television commercials. He is a self-educated food expert in addition to being a trained sushi chef. He is someone who takes great pleasure in food and travel and had always maintained a journal of every restaurant he ever visited since 1995. In the year 2008, he signed in as the host of the show Food vs Man that aired on the Travel channel. Since then, Adam has been associated with food in the public domain. His association with the show remained for four seasons till 2012, until for the fifth season he was replaced with Casey Webb.

For the first four seasons, Adam engaged in various food challenges where he would try different foods as part of a challenge. He would have to go the extra mile to maintain his health during the process. He would either engage in exercises or try to skip the meals the day before a challenge or tried to remain hydrated as much as possible. However, in the fourth season, there was a major change in the whole process as Richman no longer engaged in eating challenges himself, rather he trained other participants to take part in the challenges. Although there was gossip that Richman wanted to avoid eating large amounts of junk food so this new format for the show. However, Richman outwardly declined this news and confronted that this was done only to make the show interesting and bring something new.

Adam’s enthusiasm and livelihood through the show were so infectious that many people including children not only remained glued to the screen but also tried attempting those challenges in their proximity. This love and regard for eating and cooking food were taken up by the game designers to create cooking games for kids. Lately, these games also gained lots of popularity among children and adults.

Why Adam missed out on the fifth season of Man vs Food?

With fifty-nine challenges across hundred restaurants during the first four seasons of Man vs Food, it was confusing for the fans and the media why Adam was not hosting season five of the show. Although the internet was flooded with rumours that Adam contracted a chronic illness or died and so was missing from the fifth season, however, Adam contradicted all this and throughout many interviews pointed out the reason behind his missing out on the fifth season.

He cited a few reasons that stimulated his decision to miss out on the opportunity to host the fifth season of his show. One of the major reasons for Richman to step aside was health-related, as with a large amount of food consumed he was gaining unhealthy weight which in turn was the cause behind his depression.

Apart from this the reasons that pop up on the search page while searching for what happened to Adam from man vs food? is that he was involved with a controversy that called for the makers to make distance from him. While Richman was trying to get into a healthy shape before gearing up for yet another food show, his Instagram post tagging “thinspiration” caught a stir of controversy among the netizens. Since this word glorifies unhealthy weight loss, it has been banned across all social media platforms and Richman using this to promote his extreme weight loss regime did not go well with anyone.

However, Richman’s reaction to the critics and the comments was so rude and unacceptable that his public image was badly affected. All this together contributed to Adam Richman no longer being part of the show that he hosted from its inception. On the contrary, Adam Richman associates his absence from the show only relating to his health.

Final Word

Although Adam Richman no longer hosts any food or eating shows, he is still considered one of the popular food experts across America. He still graces many shows with his presence and comments on food and restaurants. His contribution to television food shows is immense. If your children are addicted to these shows and are looking forward to these eating challenges, try productively engaging them to reciprocate their love for food. To begin with, you can download cooking games for kids like Star Chef 2 that they could enjoy by engaging in their leisure time.

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