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If you are fond of watching movies on the internet, then you must know the name of 123movies and maybe even use this website to watch movies on the internet. But did you ever think about what is 123movies? Is it safe and legit or not?  today we tell you all the things and facts you need to know about this website.

What is 123movies?

123movies is a streaming network which includes Go stream, Go movies, 123movieshub, Me movies and is operated by Vietnamese people. Users can watch free movies on the internet using this service. As of March 2018, 123movies is said to be as one of the most famous websites which are illegal and unsecure. After a few weeks of that, this website is being shut down by Vietnamese authorities, but it is still available through clone sites.

How safe is it?

It is a relatively safe website but due to the ads of this website, you may get malware and adware installed on your computer if you mistakenly click on an ad on this website. So, to save your computer and data must use an adblocker when you navigate to this website. Moreover, must use a VPN also when you visit this site, to save your other private data like your location and IP address. Because a VPN does not display or reveal your IP address to the website instead of that it shows its IP address on the site.

Is 123movies is legit?

The legit depends upon the country of the user, as it varies from country to country. As some countries have strict copyright laws whereas some have very low restrictions. In some countries, it is illegal means you cannot use it without a VPN and if you are kept using it by Government authorities you have to pay a heavy fine. But in some countries it is legal and you can watch it with a very low restriction. The answer to this question in short words is no, overall it is not legit as it is a pirated website. That’s why it was taken down many times by government authorities of Vietnam. However, it is still available on the web with other clone sites.

123movies official website:

123movies official website is taken down in March 2018 and On 19 March 2018, Government authorities display a message on their official site that says “Respect makers of films by purchasing movies and shows”. After this incident, currently there is no official website of 123movies running on the interent.


The conclusion is that in the presence of Premium streaming websites like Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, HBO Max,Hotstar, etc we use illegal websites like 123movies to watch our favorite movies on the web only to save our money because have to pay premium streaming websites to watch movies while we can use the free streaming websites completely free, however, they are not legit in some countries and have certain restrictions.

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