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SnapSupport provides a solution designed for people working in the field. it is a resource for collaboration for solving real-time issues. With its web-based and mobile application, it’s created an avenue through which service companies can interact and collaborate on solving any issues that pop out of work.

With the help of live video feeds, pictures and checklists for industry, employees are able to provide technical support to field teams at diverse areas. It is also possible to automate quality check-ups and maintenance processes.

Time is money and each field technician assigned to a task which may need multiple visits to the site it creates lengthy delays. With SnapSupport you receive prompt assistance to field teams which results in higher repair rates and shorter time spent on repairs that will meet or exceed the expectations of your customers.

What Is SnapSupport?

SnapSupport provides a service that was designed to provide support for service providers via web-based platforms, IoT and even smartphones. It is user-friendly, which means you can take photographs and note the area which requires attention and send them to support for rapid diagnosis and quick feedback.

So, any issues caused by machinery are quickly solved by the technical support team on the scene to assist in solving problems.

Utilizing this interface that has icons for service status which are generated automatically, you can quickly adopt it for smaller and medium-sized businesses who are looking to move to compete in the professional market.

It’s a great platform for all industries including manufacturing to drilling. It’s available for milling machines CNC machines grinding machines, lathes routers, sanding machines as well as industrial plasma cutters. You can create your own customized system that is the best fit to your specific manufacturing requirements and can be offered to your existing customers.

SnapSupport allows teams in the field to respond to issues from customers regarding:

  • Quality and asset inspections
  • Collaboration and field assistance that is real-time, and in real-time
  • Troubleshooting and the maintenance of equipment

Advantages Of SnapSupport

Can Be Used With Different Types Of Machines

It can be used with different kinds of equipment, which means solving most problems is simple. This is a great co-founders assistance channel that can be swift to solve problems that arise.

SnapSupport is a perfect co-founder support tool for diverse manufacturers of devices. for instance, the manufacturer of lathes who has issues with a few components or devices. With the help of SnapSupport it is possible to pinpoint the problem. Once he has the correct details, one will be able to resolve the issue fast.

Easy To Use

SnapSupport is cloud-based, meaning that anyone can access it. It can be used on any device that has an internet browser, such as the phone, computer or tablet. It means we can access assistance from experts anytime we need. It is a great tool to address issues with data center automation as well as hardware issues that could slow down our system. Field technicians are enthralled by it since they are able to get assistance quickly when they require it.

Supports Different Manufacturers

If you use SnapSupport it is possible to gather data regarding the issue and solve the issue quickly. Because SnapSupport is able to provide support to many manufacturers, you can look at the issues that others are facing in the event that the issues are similar or have a common issue for a particular model. This will help you deal with future issues with that model.

Perform Unlimited Functions

The user can carry out various procedures through the app, including simply adding an unlimited amount of modules. These are plug-ins with customisation which allow for various features, from making inquiries, to uploading images to make it easier to diagnose and performing diagnostics on the device, creating notifications, receiving custom messages, and saving the device’s logs. The time for customer support could be a nightmare when they attempted to offer all these features, however with SnapSupport it’s easy.

Remote Assistance

One of the most popular benefits of using SnapSupport is its remote support feature. One can easily include the tech of a mobile device as part in the help team using the remote assistance feature on SnapSupport.

The system is able to remain functional, from changing batteries, to scheduling maintenance tasks remotely. It’s your own imagination that’s the sole limit aspect when it comes to mobile customer support for this platform.

Real-time Field Support

With SnapSupport field teams are able to receive assistance from a professional with just one tap. This is due to the fact that SnapSupport lets you access vital information that can assist in solving problems on the quickest time. Technicians are able to solve issues quicker because they are able to make use of the information available on SnapSupport that provides real-time point-by point guidance from the vast pool of experts on hand.

Utilizing chatbots and other tools for collaboration, such as video conference or chat field teams can identify issues and then tap into experts available across the entire company. SnapSupport can:

  • Improve repair rates and decrease the mean repair time
  • Efficiency increased through smart routing and issue escalate
  • Allow AI self-support functions
  • Use of hands-free, voice-activated smart glasses
  • Assistance from experts on job sites and technical teams.
  • Training tools, expertise and training to field teams from the senior personnel

Asset And Quality Inspections

SnapSupport is a smartphone app that helps automate asset and quality inspections. It is a solution to the issue of firms to have several systems and software. This is done by combining real-time field assistance and the ability to carry out field testing with the smartphone or smart glasses application. The team also has the ability to instantly generate reports which could be distributed to entire team.

Other benefits are:

  • It performs various types of inspections by using templates that can be easily modified
  • Mobile app that is user-friendly
  • Inspection reports are available in Word or PDF format that can be instantly generated
  • The RealWear HMT-1 smart glasses with hands-free operation and voice-activated inspections.
  • Inspection data enhanced with images or videos

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