What is FX trading, and How Does it Work in South Africa?

FX trading

FX trading is not new in this modern world, but many people are now coming to know about it. Maybe you are also one of then. If you are, then before going into depth, you must know about some basic information of FX trading and market in South Africa.

Forex is like a deep-sea in which there are thousands of terms that only experts know. Many people who hear about it want to trade in FX without knowledge. It is like diving into the deep sea without knowing how to swim. Got it?

So, that is why we are here with an article about FX trading in South Africa for beginners:

What is FX trading?

FX is also known as forex, a short form of foreign exchange that involves exchanging foreign currencies and earning profit. Forex Trading involves presuming the elevation and tumble of currencies to make earnings. 

In the simplest words, you will buy currencies when they are cheaper, and then you will have to sell them when they are expensive to earn a profit out of them. It is a game of luck; you will just guess and trade that at this time, your traded currency will rise or fall. But it is not that easy, which it seems, so to start FX trading, you first have to have a legit FX broker in South Africa.

In other words, South Africans can fairly trade in the foreign exchange market via any FSCA regulated forex broker certified to extend secondary tools to South African traders. One of the best and regulated South Africa brokers is Globex360. 

Because it offers a Globex360 demo account by which you can learn FX trading as a beginner and know whether the broker is good to go or not. Got it?

How does Forex Trading Market work in South Africa?

As mentioned above, FSCA (financial security conduct authority) controls brokers in South Africa with which a trader can and should work. FSCA is the most reliable and reputable security institute when discussing financial security. So, if a broker is regulated by FSCA, it means that it is safe and legal.

In South Africa, FX trading is not in big FX markets like the USA, UK, Australia, and Japan. These countries suggest their timing for traders, but a market like South Africa has to adjust itself according to these countries. Because their currencies are more capable of earning big profits for South African traders.

Although FX trading is a 24/7 market that never sleeps, it never means that you should trade anytime. You can trade anytime, but it will not be the best for you. You should trade when bigger markets are trading. After so much research, it is found out that in South Africa, you should start trading with the market of the UK and end with the market of the USA.    


More than 550,000 traders are trading in FX as South African traders. So why not you? But before getting into this complicated industry, research more and more about it.

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