The former ICC Six Nations Challenge


Currently there are many major cricket competitions played everywhere throughout the world. The is the best place to visit in order to place wagers on them. However, there have also been many other championships that are now defunct. Yet, they were equally exciting.

One of those championships was the ICC Six Nations Challenge. This was a short-lived competition that was played only on three occasions. They took place in 2000, 2002 and 2004. The place of this competition was later taken by the ICC World Cricket League Championship. This competition, among many others, is available on the 1xBet website to place wagers on all its matches.

Beginnings with a different name

Zimbabwe was chosen as the host for the first edition ever of the challenge. The 2000 edition of this competition saw the hosts plus five other nations. Harare, the capital of the country, hosted all contests. Many fans have taken advantage of all cricket bet online – 1xBet covers all international cricket competitions. The other national squads that participated on the tournament included:

  • Scotland;
  • Kenya;
  • Ireland;
  • the Netherlands;
  • and Denmark.

Prior to the beginning of the competition, it was known as the ICC Emerging Nations Tournament. The name was perfectly reflected on the teams that participated, as there were no major cricket powerhouses on it. However, this didn’t make it any less exciting. Eventually, Kenya claimed the title after winning four matches and losing one.

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The other editions

The 2002 edition of the ICC Six Nations Challenge was played in Namibia. Those who attended the tournament wanted to get ready for the Cricket World Cup that was going to take place the following year. Fans who visit can obtain the official app, which allows them to wager on all these cricket championships.

The winners of this edition were Sri Lanka, which defeated Kenya in the final. This match was played on the 14th of April 2002. The Sri Lankas won by a total of three wickets.

The 2004 edition was organized in the UAE. The United States claimed one of its first major international cricket titles. It is interesting to note that five teams finished with six points in total. This made this competition one of the tightest in the history of international cricket.

Canada finished last with zero points after losing all its matches. All these squads can be wagered on from mobile devices by going to the 1xBet website and obtaining the official app.

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