Recent Developments in India’s eSports Industry

India’s eSports Industry

The Indian gaming landscape is in the process of an overhaul as millennials establish a new gaming niche, turning eSports into a lucrative profession. India is set to become a major sports gaming landscape, given its vast population and the fascination on electronic sports among India’s youth population. The local gaming industry has a new outlook after giant developers settled in investing top dollar in getting a market share from the budding industry. Such includes the likes of Junglee Games creating, Mobile Premier League, Dream11, and many others. Other local eSports startups are also vibrant in the industry making sports gaming highly competitive in India. During the Coronavirus outbreak, eSports has attracted more customers raising gaming participation by 21%. What is even more exciting for developers is that India’s investor-friendly eSports gaming industry has already recorded a net worth of over INR 44 billion and promises to surpass the INR 100 billion mark soon. Growth of eSports in India is beneficial to both gamers and gamblers because online sites like India Casinos offer some of the best-betting markets in the region. Below are the latest developments shaping India’s eSports industry eat away (먹튀).


Runeterra Tournament comes as a result of Paytm First Games partnering with Riot Games

With the expected growth in India’s Esport industry, Paytm, a gaming platform in the country, announced an INR 750k tournament that will continue its partnership with Riot Games South Asia. India has great benefits to enjoy from this partnership. Riot Games developers announced plans to establish a VALORANT server in India by the end of 2020. Earlier this year, Riot Games hosted a Teamfight Tactics tournament in March and promises more exciting eSports events in the coming months.

Shareholders Invest INR 3B in JetSynthesys

The announcement of an INR 3B investment by JetSynthesys shareholders is a promising move for India’s growing industry. JetSynthesys is mostly known as the developer for Sanchin Cricket Saga and had, in the past, made efforts to add the game to esports, which failed. JetSynthesys plans to invest the money in creating online games and enhancing its eSports venture further. Investments may be expanded to acquire global IP addresses and acquire partners in the American, Japanese and European markets. The company has also invested in NODWIN Gaming, an established tournament organizer.

Megastars and Nimo TV Agree to a Partnership

Megastars are one of the biggest teams in the suburbs that regularly participate in the PUBG Mobile competitions unveiled their partnership with Nimo TV. The organization is expected to enjoy streaming benefits from the collaboration, which will also accrue them streaming rights. Megastars are currently in the Season Zero of PUBG Mobile World League.

Fnatic Partners with Loco

Being one of the biggest teams in Esports, Fnatic refuses to be left behind in India’s Esports evolution. The team made long term deals in India, which may further attract more investment in the Indian Esport industry. They also established merchandise this year whose prices are suburb-suited. Fnatic has also expressed its keen interest in Indian talent by announcing a plan to recruit Indian players who will be awarded professional contracts in their team. They plan to conduct a multi-level program, where players shall be coached and trained by industry experts. Fnatic signed a streaming deal with India’s Loco, which is owned by Pocket Aces. The agreement, however, allows Fnatic players to stream through competitor platforms. This deal also brings along a key Loco partner, Red Bull.

Security Concerns Between India and China Threaten the Continuity of PUBG Mobile

The Indian gaming elite now faces threats of termination after the government set out to eliminate all Chinese apps that violate users’ privacy and national security in general. PUBG is a huge name whose imminent downfall will cause losses to many, including individual teams, organizations, creators, and event organizers. Rumors have it that the Indian government has prepared a 275 apps list to ban. The banning of this game will hugely impact the Indian gaming industry.

Powerful Partnership with Nova Esports

Nova Esports is yet another big-money foreign investor in local gaming. It is currently partnering with PUBG Mobile, also known as Godlike. Nova Esports is a Hong Kong organization that promises to monitor Godlike players’ salaries, positively impact their international recognition and provide boot camp support to the team. In exchange, the team is expected to play under their name. India is a country that embraces new technologies fast, and this has helped the gaming industry to advance rapidly. People in India are increasingly pursuing eSports gaming as a professional activity, and this increases the chances of attracting investors’ funding from all over the world. In 2019, India ranked 17th among eSports participating countries. The industry is estimated to have an investment worth $818 million and is expected to make the billion mark in the next decade. This is exciting news for all avid eSports fans in the region.

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