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A thought leadership paper entitled Parramatta:

The future home of SBS explores the many advantages of corporate HQs and considers possible locations in metropolitan areas under development in the medium to long term.

The newspaper said it was in response to a Labor Party election pledge to explore the feasibility of moving the Special Broadcasting Station (SBS) to Western Sydney, first in 2019 and then as part of his 2022 election campaign. created. A council campaign is released to bring the SBS Corporation to Parramatta.

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The geographical heart of Sydney and the rapidly expanding city of lab grown diamonds Parramatta, which also serves as the gateway to western Sydney, are arguably the ideal locations for the most diverse, multilingual, and multiplatform media organization in the country. Parramatta is an amazing kaleidoscope of concepts, cultures, stories, and identities, offering an unparalleled variety of options for everyone. Attracting visitors from all over the world, Parramatta has a unique vitality and a fascinating montage of cultures.

A city of growth potential, Parramatta is full of ambition to drive real economic growth and build a world-class center of excellence in research, education, and innovation.

The vibrant urban environment of the Civic Link location offers high-profile broadcast opportunities, the benefits of sharing space with brand-new ABC Studios, access to major cultural institutions, and potential street-level coverage for content creation. a versatile space, and a purpose-built flagship home base.

Parramatta North offers significant staffing advantages and strategic proximity to important cultural and community assets. This location facilitates the consolidation of public-use content development areas into a dedicated campus-style headquarters or heritage core cultural district and facilitates store-to-store carryover.

Location Option

With major changes taking place across the LGA, there are many opportunities for SBS to be located in one of the many urban regeneration areas where it can support multi-purpose spaces for content creation and public use. Civic Link and Parramatta North Two districts are under consideration and will incorporate SBS into their structures.

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