Is Excel Still Relevant in the Digital Age

Excel Still Relevant

Microsoft Excel Training in Hong Kong recently celebrated its 35th birthday. Many people don’t know, but Excel was originally designed for use on Apple computers. Starting in the 1990s, Excel became the dominant spreadsheet application for PC users.

Excel has continued to be the go-to application for companies around the world. Many universities even require students to be at least somewhat proficient in Excel.

But in this new digital age, is Excel still relevant? That is a fair question. Having been created in the 1980s, Excel is now one of the oldest applications that still exists.

While you receive constant updates, can you really keep up with the rapidly changing technology that companies are adopting? Read on and we’ll explain why Excel is more relevant than ever.

Excel is collaborative

In the age of big data, Excel can be extremely useful. On its own, it can cause some problems and is not designed to work with massive data sets. However, Excel is still relevant because it is part of a larger big data system.

This means that if you want it to be an effective application, you will have to put it in context. What do we mean by that?

When top data professionals look at Microsoft Excel, they look at a variety of factors. These include whether the information can be manipulated and how reproducible the frame is.

They also analyze whether the data is “ordered” (normally, this is not the same as reproducible).

Whether information can be manipulated is especially important because when data analysts try to discover the ability to manipulate data stored in Excel, they do not always intend to do so while using Excel. This is despite the fact that the program has added many new features in recent years.

The fact is, even when Excel is considered central, most of the time it is not meant to be used on its own. Instead, it should be used in collaboration with other applications that are more specialized.

Once you figure that out, it will be much easier for you to see why Excel is so useful. It’s great for manipulating small amounts of data, and Excel is an absolute workhorse.

Professionals are always moving data in and out of Excel. And the value of that information increases every time.

Organize daily schedules

With Excel, you have the ability to schedule your meetings, occasions, and events in a unique way. When you use a calendar in Microsoft Excel, you can view your itinerary while working on your accounting.

While other applications already offer more sophisticated calendars, an Excel calendar will allow you to quickly find, go back, and edit your schedule. It is a useful feature for small and large stores, hotels, and other businesses that want to keep track of their guests’ reservations, delivery times, and other matters.

It acts as a powerful feature to properly schedule your business priorities.


Accountants and business owners track information to determine what their businesses need. This allows them to avoid financial losses and make more profits.

Accounting includes data management for accounts receivable, accounts payable, and bank transactions. Microsoft Excel is a useful tool that virtually all accounting professionals are familiar with.

Almost all large-scale companies have their own Excel database that they use to manage the incoming and outgoing of supplies. The fact that Excel is so ubiquitous means that you can use it in all kinds of business environments.

Digital arts

Microsoft Excel is used primarily for database management and accounting. However, many people do not realize that Excel has many useful graphing capabilities.

This feature has been notably taken advantage of by the elderly Japanese artist Tatsuo Horiuchi. Horiuchi was able to take advantage of the underused aspects of Excel and has made digital artistic masterpieces.

Horiuchi uses the Autoshape function in Excel to make his art. He layers upon layers of custom colored shapes to create intricate designs. Each element of the artwork has its own solid shape.

He even won the Excel Autoshape art contest in 2006.


If he ever used macros in Microsoft Excel, then he used VBA (Visual Basic for Applications). VBA is used to write macros, which can be used to automate complex and simple tasks in Excel.

People who use Excel will generally find that they end up repeating the same series of tasks over and over again. Sometimes these are minor tasks, such as copying and pasting subsets of da

cough on different leaves. However, sometimes the tasks are more complicated and include things like uploading data to a website.

With VBA, macros can be programmed to automate these types of tasks. So you can outsource mundane things to your computer. By learning about the VBA code library, you will be able to get the most out of Excel.

The importance of knowing the relevance of Excel in the digital age

Hopefully, after reading the previous article, you can now see why Excel is still extremely relevant in the digital age. As we can see, Microsoft Excel has many features and benefits that make it extremely functional and simple. While you won’t be using Excel for all your data management, you should definitely keep it in your arsenal.

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