How to Dose CBD Edible Products?

CBD Edible

The use of CBD oil and edibles is widely increasing almost every day. People are turning to CBD for relief from various medical discomforts. CBD edible dosage, on the other hand, might be very complicated sometimes, especially for newbies. CBD edibles are now available in multitudinous varieties in regards to dosage and kind. It makes things even more complex for the users. The first important decision to be made is the product you want to go for. But interestingly, it’s even more critical to figure out the right dosage for yourself.

Questions like what are CBD edibles? And what do CBD edibles do are enough to bother beginners, and then figuring out complicated things like CBD edibles effects and dosages can be just a lot of stress! But, gladly, we’ve got you covered. This write-up is all you need if you are trying to figure out your perfect dosage.

Factors to consider while using CBD Products

While using CBD, you must know a few facts about it. A few crucial factors always critically decide whether your CBD experience will be good or not. If you know these things and keep them all in mind always, you’re probably going to have a good time with CBD.

  1. Everyone’s body is Different

CBD’s effects on your body are susceptible to factors like your age, weight, health, tolerance level, and gender. It means CBD is not a one-size-fits-all kind of thing. One dosage might be just perfect for one person but less or more for the other one. All of these things depend on you and various factors within your body. And you don’t have to worry at all if one dose works fine for your friend and not for you.

  1. Quality’s of CBD

When using CBD products, quality comes before dosage. Even the right doses of your CBD tincture might not work fine for you because of the poor quality of the product. Make sure to get yourself third-party guaranteed products tested through labs. Especially with the full-spectrum products, you’ll experience an entourage effect.

  1. Patience is the key

It’s important to remember that this is a widely accepted misconception that if a small amount of something works well, more of it will make things even betters. So stay patient with your doses. Start with minimal doses and if they don’t work fine for some time, try increasing them gradually unless you find your perfect dosage. So you can say it’s pretty much a process of trial and error.

Here’s a general idea to start your Trial and Error Process:

The following is a safe range of doses to play around with and figure out what works the best for your body and medical conditions.

  • Pain:5 mg – 25mg (4 times every day)
  • Overall well being: 2mg to 25mg (once a day)
  • Sleep management: 5mg to 25mg (before sleep)
  • Stress management: 1mg to 25 mg


CBD gummies and edibles find their way to the market in several forms, from 100 mg CBD gummies to DIY doses of oils and pills. So the decision is yours to make, both regarding the type of product and the dosage. You’re the one to figure out. All this might stress you out at first, but now that you know your safe boundaries and important facts, you’re good to start your experiments and figure out your perfect dosage.

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