How to Create a Safe Playground


To create a Safe Playground, you will want to follow some rules. Here are a few of these: The Surfaces to use, Equipment to avoid, and Supervision. These rules will help you create a 안전놀이터environment for your children. You’ll also want to make sure that you and your other caregivers are always present.

Safety rules

A child’s safety should be a priority on the playground. There are several ways to prevent collisions and ensure that kids are safe. For instance, it is a good idea to prohibit children from running and to make sure that there are plenty of buffer zones to prevent accidents. In addition, you should not allow children under the age of two and a half to ride slides, as they run the risk of breaking their legs. Furthermore, a child should always tell their parent if they are going to the playground, and it is advisable to let a friend go with them.

Moreover, it is necessary to create rules to prevent children from engaging in play fighting and roughhousing. Although some forms of play are not necessarily dangerous, they can encourage aggression and make it difficult to draw the line against bullying and physical abuse.

Equipment to Avoid

Playground equipment that is poorly maintained or has sharp edges or protrusions can be dangerous. Children can get caught in these structures and become injured. Playground equipment is important for a healthy environment, but some items should be avoided. Listed below are some of the most common playground hazards and what you can do to avoid them.

Make sure all playground equipment is in good condition. It should not have any rust or lose parts. Also, it should not have any tethers or cords attached. Also, make sure there are no pet leashes attached to playground equipment. It is also important to keep skipping ropes and bicycle helmets out of reach of children.

Surfaces to use

When building a playground, the surface material should be chosen carefully. Several factors must be taken into account, including the 안전놀이터rating and cost. In addition, the height of the play structure must be considered to determine the type of surface to use. The cost per square foot will also need to be considered, particularly if the structure is tall.

Rubber playground surfaces are a popular choice for playgrounds. They are very durable and offer high levels of shock absorption. These surfaces are also low maintenance. A rubber playground surface is also customizable and can incorporate graphics.


Supervision of a playground is one of the most important parts of any safety program. It helps keep kids safe and prevents serious injuries and lawsuits. It also helps create a safe culture. According to Matt Comai, school risk management representative at the New Hampshire Local Government Center supervision of a playground is critical to ensure children are playing safely.

It is important to ensure that there are enough adults to supervise the playground. The number of staff needed depends on the number of children playing in the playground. One person can’t supervise all children at the same time. Also, the geography of the playground will influence the number of people needed.

Climbing equipment

Climbing equipment in a safe playground can provide an opportunity for young children to learn about balance and strength. This type of equipment can be used by all ages, from toddlers to school-aged children. A variety of climbers is essential in a playground. Ideally, equipment is low to the ground, sturdy, and age-appropriate.

Children need to climb safely and use both hands. This way, their fingers, and toes will not be entangled in the equipment. Also, ensure that they wear clothing that does not snag on the climbing equipment. Long hair should also be tied back so that it will not become a hazard.

Climbing equipment in a safe playground is an excellent way to increase a child’s physical strength, improve their coordination, and develop a sense of accomplishment. Climbing exercises also help build children’s self-esteem, which is essential for healthy development. But make sure that the equipment is not too challenging, or the risk of injury will increase.

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