Flower vs. Dab: A Leaflet on the Pros and Cons

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In today’s cannabis-friendly world, herb lovers enjoy a wide range of options. Between innovative consumption methods and new delicious strains of flower, the average smoker can find anything suited to their taste. But for newcomers, the herbal marketplace might appear overwhelming. Of course, the first step in curating your perfect smoking experience is choosing the right green product. While it’s easy to get caught up in the intricacies of the green community, all 420-friendly products fit into either the flower or the concentrate category.

Not sure which product is right for you? Consider this leaflet on the pros and cons of flower and dab.

The pros of dab

Dab is a highly concentrated form of herb that varies in texture, potency, and terpene density. Different kinds of concentrate include wax, shatter, and crumble. In vapor form, dab offers a clean hit loaded with flavor. Many smokers revere dab as the best way to experiment with different aromatics and their impacts. Apart from taste, dabs contain a high amount of THC and have up to 99% psychoactive purity. Their high potency results in an intense high almost immediately after inhalation.

In addition to potency and flavor, smoking dab is often more discreet than burning flower. Vaporized concentrate produces a small amount of smoke that doesn’t hang around a room. You can also purchase mini dab rigs or electric models that are easy to store and travel-friendly. If you’re interested in expanding your inventory, start by stocking up on must-have accessories like a trusty torch and an MJ Arsenal quartz banger.

The cons of dab

There’s no doubt dab produces a potent high, and some smokers prefer a less intense experience offered by edible or bud. Vaporized concentrates also have a shorter lasting high, which herb lovers see as both a pro and a con. Of course, bringing dab up to high temperatures requires a torch, which some beginners find intimidating.

The pros of flower

Cannabis flower is the base for concentrates and is picked from herb plants when they mature. Some strains are densely covered in crystal-like structures, while others appear purple. Although flower contains a lower concentration of THC, usually around 15%, it still produces a fast-acting high. Rich in aroma and flavor, flower is hailed by veteran stoners as the original way to enjoy herb. Bud can also be consumed in various ways using a few simple accessories like a water pipe or even an apple.

When you don’t feel like smoking, flower is easy to break down and infuse in tasty edibles. Make your own cannabutter to use in decadent desserts or savory dishes. You can even infuse your favorite alcohol with your preferred strain by adding both to a pot set on low heat. After a few hours, you can stock your home bar with a unique infused spirit.

The cons of flower

The most significant disadvantage of flower is decreased concentration. Even a strain rich in THC will lose much of its potency through combustion. For that reason, smokers will use more flower to achieve a desired high. Bud also has a notorious odor that can be difficult to diffuse, especially after lighting up indoors.

Final thoughts

Choosing between dab and flower is the first step to becoming a certified stoner. When you are craving a potent high and clean hit, reach for your trusty dab rig. Or, grab your favorite strain of flower when you are looking for a more mellow high. Experimenting with different ways to enjoy nature’s flower is one of the many joys offered by the cannabis community.

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