5 Things not to do When Filing a Car Accident Case

Car Accident Case

Car accidents can confuse you since they subject you to mental, emotional, and physical torture. It can lead to losses that permanently affect your life due to injury or lifetime incapacitation. When filing for compensation after a car accident, you might feel overwhelmed that you end up saying or doing the wrong things that might be used against you. This might delay your case and eventually lose the financial settlement you deserve.

So, getting a highly trusted law firm in personal injury law is essential to help you avoid common mistakes that might delay justice and jeopardize your lawsuit. Here are the five things not to do when filing a car accident case.

1. Failure to Call the Police

One of the common mistakes people make after a car accident is failing to notify the police. They exchange phone numbers with the other party and leave the scene. However, this can affect your lawsuit since the police have essential duty regarding car accidents. 

Police are appropriately trained to investigate an accident and gather the necessary information. Also, they will ascertain the cause of the accidents and note any witnesses that might make a report in case the claim goes to a trial. 

Furthermore, the police report is one of the most important documents to establish liability during compensation. They will also manage the situation, especially when one party is violent, preventing more harm after a car accident. 

Failure to Call the Police

2. Failure to Seek Medical Attention

Often, an individual will suffer from traumatic shock following a car accident. They might not feel pain in case of an injury hence underestimating the intensity of bodily harm caused—the body’s adrenaline masks the pain, which will take time before damage can manifest. 

In addition, After failing to visit a doctor immediately, the other party might claim the injuries are from another incident which can work against your claim.

So, it is best to visit an accredited medical center for a clinical examination immediately after a car accident. The medical reports will act as evidence of the damage caused after the incidents increasing your chances of getting fair monetary compensation.. In fact, some injuries like internal bleeding and damaged muscles can only be felt later and detected through a medical examination. Therefore, as minor as the injuries might feel, it is best to visit the nearest hospital for management and check-up. 

3. Admit Fault

After a car accident, the involved parties might make apologetic gestures to show kindness to the other party. It is human to be polite, but the statement can mean that you’ve accepted you are in the wrong. The trauma and shock after such unexpected incidents can lead your emotions to say things that might be used against your car accident claim. 

For example, you might say, “I’m sorry” to the person to show concern. However, police can include that statement in their report to show that you admitted you were at fault during the accident. Therefore, it is best to be polite without using phrases that can implicate your claim. You can also call a personal injury lawyer immediately after the incident since they will be more rational when dealing with other professionals during the filing. 

Admit Fault

4. Filing a Car Accident Lawsuit on Your Own

It can be tempting to file a car accident lawsuit on your own to avoid looking for a good personal injury lawyer. However, such decisions can be risky since you might not have the legal knowledge to deal with car accident claims. What makes it even worse is that you will be dealing with experienced lawyers and insurance professionals with years of experience during the claim process. They can use statements against your case or recorded information you might have given earlier. 

So, always hire an experienced personal injury lawyer when filing a car accident claim since they understand the complicated legal processes. They also have better negotiation skills and will ensure you get fair compensation. In addition to these advantages, a personal injury lawyer will represent you in court if your claim goes to trial.  

Filing a Car Accident Lawsuit on Your Own

5. Failure to Document the Accident

Documentation is an important aspect when filing a car accident claim. This is because it acts as evidence during the process, increasing your chances of getting fair compensation. It is best to take photos at the accident scene showing the condition of the vehicles inside and outside. Also, document the surroundings taking a keen interest in traffic signs and the road conditions, which might help bring facts during the claim process. 

Moreover, it is important not to display the documentation on your social media account since it can jeopardize your case. Physical activities such as skiing can also show you were in perfect condition while leaving the accident scene. 


Knowing the common mistakes to avoid when filing a car accident case can help you get value for your claim. It will help a personal injury lawyer to build strong evidence ensuring you get fair compensation. 

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